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Title: V-asteroid - by Blowfelt
Post by: blowfelt on January 11, 2012, 12:13:01 pm

While travelling home after their lastest mission, Viridian and the crew stumble across a strange asteroid that Victoria has decided to wander around in alone!  Collect the trinkets and find Victoria!

This is my first level that I have done.  There is no scripting cause, well...you don't need the distraction (it's pretty hard!)

A toffee crisp to whoever completes it on ONE LIFE!

ps.  hats off to the creators, this game stopped me from playing skyrim!
Title: Re: V-asteroid - by Blowfelt
Post by: 999999 on January 11, 2012, 10:11:47 pm
Is expected  to can to go from "The Shaft" to "A Short Break..."? I did it in my first play (jumping from bottom), and then I was able to advance until "Untypical Cave", that was impossible to pass. Then I noted that those last screens expects me in a inverse direction ::)

Anyway, It give me a good feeling overall, but the second half gets too hard for me, I didn't finish it. And I didn't like to found too many instant deaths entering inside a screen (As with "See!", "THIS ROOM IS IN FIRE" and a few others).
Title: Re: V-asteroid - by Blowfelt
Post by: blowfelt on January 12, 2012, 12:55:53 pm
didnt realise you could get to 'a short break' from the shaft, thats a bit of a nuicence as you're not suppose to go that way into that room.  I did try to get in to 'a short break' from there and couldn't.  Testing, testing, testing!!!  Going to the bottom right exit takes you further into the level, but if you thought 'untypical cave' was hard, the room after is a complete nightmare (the one screen i hated testing).

The instant deaths are a bit cheeky, but  they were all intentional (as with 'see!'), just to add some more flavour.  I was trying to keep everything as Manic Miner-y/Jet Set Willy-ish as possible.

It's a pity you gave up cause there are lots of other screens in the level that will, not only have you pulling your hair out, but you'll probably end up ripping your eyes out just to have an excuse not to play it!  The last 4 screens are a particular delight!

Thanks for trying out my level, but alas, no toffee crisp for you!