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I have the steam version, so steam is open. mIRC is open but that's very small. I have skype open but not in a call, and I know that can be a resource hog, but closing it didn't help.

Again it was smooth the first time I ran the new patch, but only for a little while. Then it was only smooth when running in 1x windowed mode.

I can say that at least on my system, it completely fixed the framerate issues. Great work!

EDIT: Erg, spoke too soon... it worked until I hit the first cutscene, and then it was back to the old slowdown. Even after I closed and reopened the game. Which... doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Arg.

(Windows XP, 3Ghz processor, 1 gig of memory, NVIDIA GeForce 6200)

I'd like to confirm that this is happening on Windows too; Steam just updated. Also, my computer's a bit pokey (3Ghz processor, 1 gig of memory, NVIDIA GeForce 6200) but for me I get slowdown on any mode that isn't 1x windowed, which is a pain to say the least. I have to set my entire system resolution to 800x600 to get a decent sized window. I don't remember having a problem before on the same hardware with modes that were even multiples of the original, fullscreen or not.

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