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Alright, here's my analysis:

1. The title is cut off when selecting the level. This may just be a bug in the game, but you should work around it for the time being.
2. Cool idea with the ladders.
3. Unfortunately one-block-thick walls tend to look really bad around the edges in VVVVVV. You should probably thicken them up.
4. The story is actually really great so far. Good idea with the telephones, as until there's a command for making crewmates talk this will be the closest thing to it.

Unfortunately there's not much more I can say at the moment, as the level seems to end as soon as I get off of the ship. This level has great potential, and I'm looking forward to seeing it completed!
Quote from: Arkatox on July 29, 2011, 06:57:39 PM
I would recommend finishing before posting.
I disagree. I haven't tried this level yet, but the forum is called "VVVVVV Levels", so questions with the level editor, WIP levels, etc. should all be allowed in my opinion. The poster mentions that it's a WIP in the title, so if you don't want to play unfinished levels, skip over it.

I'll give this level a shot. Some pictures and/or a description would be nice though :P
Quote from: PastorOfMuppets on July 29, 2011, 07:12:13 AM
Quick question: Is there any way to make crewmate-specific lines, like there are in the actual game? For example, if I wanted Vermillion to say something like "Hey, Captain!", could I get it to show up in his color, rather than the grey that the say command gives you?
There aren't any (documented) ways to do this as of yet that I'm aware of.
Quote from: Insani on July 29, 2011, 06:42:54 AM
How do you change the level size? I want to turn my 5x5 level ~10x10ways.
Hold Shift and use the arrow keys.
Quote from: Kurosen on July 29, 2011, 03:10:10 AM
Actually one thing I haven't figured out in the game is Scripting, could you show me how I could handle those texts I have in the game to make them scripted?

Sure. I'm actually quite new to scripting myself, but I'll give this a shot.

First, you should block off the area you want the player to go in second with either Warp Tokens or Gravity Lines. (If the path is horizontal, obviously gravity lines won't make sense)
Next, make a script box at the end of Path 1. Make sure the player will enter the box when he completes Path 1. Make it link to "path1complete" when prompted.
Next, go into the script editor (ESC) and edit "path1complete". This is all you need to make it say:
Then create a script box that covers the entire room where the paths fork, so as soon as you enter the room it activates. Make it link to "checkpath1".
Go into the script editor and edit "checkpath1". Here's what it should say:
Then, edit "clearpath2" to say this if you chose Warp Tokens to block the path:
Or this if you used Gravity Lines:
That should be the simplest solution.

(Note: I have never actually tried scripting in-game and this is just based on what I've found on the interwebz. You may not be able to edit "clearpath2"... If you can't, try creating a script box in some impossible to reach place that links to "clearpath2" so you can edit it.)
Quote from: Kurosen on July 29, 2011, 02:55:43 AM
Okay, I noticed some things too as soon as I uploaded it, so I'm gonna go fix them. this is why I need some bug testers :P
Oh, and I forgot a really important bug:

-In "Maybe alittle..." (which should be "Maybe A Little..."), it's possible to separate the first two vertically moving platforms by standing partly off the ledge. This can really screw up the room as you can't go backwards into another room (to reset the platforms) and there is a checkpoint in the room. You can also separate the final two platforms, which can make the room near impossible to complete without restarting the level.

Thanks a lot for fixing this up.
Spectacular level. Here are some things I've noticed that could be improved upon though:

-In "Transport Tube", there appears to be a missing block on the left side.
-In "Cave-In", the floor is hidden by the room title. This makes it hard to navigate. Even if it was done on purpose, it seems a bit "exploiting graphical glitch"-y to me and I would just raise it by a tile.
-In "We Really Need to Fix these", "these" should have a capital T. There are also lots of one-width blocks with odd edges.
-It's best to keep your level names consistent. I would just capitalize every word, but if you insist on keeping "it" lowercase, make sure you do it for all the level titles. There are a few inconsistencies.
-In "Quick Reflexes", there are a lot of spikes without blocks beneath them. They look a bit ugly in my opinion.
-A lot of the "Try the top path first" type of texts could easily be fixed with some scripting. Set flag1 to true when you finish the first path, then make the second path open only when flag1 is true.
-There are some hidden floors in "Control Room".

I really liked "Control Room" though -- It gave me some sort of "free" feeling that I haven't gotten from any other VVVVVV level yet.

Great job!