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thanks for the feedback! also im not sure if its in this version but there might be a ton of trinkets at the area where you open the door to the alt ending. anyways I'll add a world select point every once and awhile so you can go back if you have to. and i'll toss out all the room text I forgot, and fix a couple of other issues. havent worked on the level or checked the forums in a good amount of time. I might also add some more to the alt. ending and... nah i'm going to leave the first room the same. good to give a little challenge at the begining, the level isnt supposed to be charitable. anyways expect an extremely difficult course at the alt ending, cause I feel I didnt make it hard enough, and finally If anyone beat the trinket part where it asks if you want to be a chicken or go the hard way, please tell me. I got tired and didn't feel like trying to beat it anymore, which is why I made the chicken path.
that part at the end NOT COOL i just felt like going into that warp portal and BAM gotta start the whole map over. YA COULD AT LEAST HAVE ADDED A "please save your game" MESSAGE SOMEWHERE IN THERE. or at least have added a warp token back to the terminal. that really pissed me off. now i'll never see the ending :P on a higher note. the scripting was excelent and the level design was smooth and clever :D 4/5
VVVVVV / Re: Level editor suggestions
January 19, 2012, 07:03:10 AM
Quote from: Globix on December 30, 2011, 08:53:54 PM
I got humble indie bundle 4 for Christmas too!  :-\  Anyways, your ideas are very good, I wish I actually knew how to program the terminals make dialogue and stuff, e.t.c, Then I would actually care about those ideas implemented in the game.

I also have an idea for some added features id like to see:

- There should be simpler coding in my opinion, it kind if takes part of the point of VVVVVV away for me. (Like I said, I have no experience with programming at all, but that's just my opinion). Maybe VVVVVV stuff could be programmed either way, whichever you choose, but I guess that would be confusing. Any thoughts?

I'm not sure if you  read (what i believe is terrys post) on scripting bu it is really easy. like for the terminals you just type this

next command

so basically you type either "say" or "reply" depending on if you want the terminal talking or veridian talking, then, in parenthasis, you just add how many lines of text you want it to say (maximum of 4 i think) then you write what it says in the BLAH's and if you want to add another one, you make an empty line, and then repeat. i personally think this is EASY, if all you have to do is say "say" or "reply" and put a number.

if you want the screen to flash when you walk through a script field, all you have to do is write "flash" in the scripting for that field.

if you want him to frown or smile when he walks through the field, you put "happy" or "sad" in its scripting. i could go on but im basically saying its pretty simple
VVVVVV Levels / escape from the past (WIP) by oposdeo
January 19, 2012, 01:19:48 AM
I have made a level in vvvvvv called escape from the past. it is hard, and even harder if you try to get all the trinkets, though getting all the trinkets will reward you with a bonus section, (you cant truly win without it :3) by the way I made this map to be very story based along with being very fun, so expect allot of story,

i currently have no screenshots.

note that this is a work in progress. all the annoying roomtext HAS BEEN FIXED! version 0.3 is out! the download link above is now different!( if you want version 0.1 or 0.2 go to the bottom of the page)

send all feedback to or i guess you could just reply to this post.

V0.1 main storyline and some of alt ending made.

V0.2 changed most roomtext into scripting
        shortened alot of text
        added more music

V0.3 fixed a typo
        made trinket room work

       will finish alt ending
       will make text not appear twice
       will fix any other bugs
       might add more backing to the map