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VVVVVV Levels / Inside Ship HYP777
September 09, 2016, 05:59:21 PM

(you may skip these 3 paragraphs if you just want to know about the level).
When I got version 2.0 of this game, the first thing I did in the level editor was the first room of this level. And it's been a long time... 4 years and 3 months to be precise.
Well, I obviously didn't spend the whole time making this level. I was making another one in which I gave up later on; I played other people's levels; I also spent a bit of time in the main game modes. But most notably; I quit this game at some points.
By the end of summer 2014 I had done at least 80% of this level but lost motivation to continue. In 2015, I took advantage of Direct Mode in v.2.2. to improve some rooms; and in this year I finally finished it, it was worth it.

All right, so, about about the level: This is, more than anything, a traditional VVVVVV level. It has NO INTERNAL SCRIPTING, I never intended to. Also, it isn't split in areas like the typical large levels, there's only one way to go for most of the level... Don't expect much of the level please.

One thing about this level which I doubt anyone else used: It has several shortcuts; most of them after you get a trinket. The player has both the option to go back after they get the trinket so that they go through the whole level, and to take advantage of the shortcut.

It has a small story, but I didn't want to develop much on it.

WARNING: This level contains some extremely hard parts; I haven't even finished the level myself (although I did most rooms, each at a time). If you don't think you're good at this game then don't even bother getting all trinkets. Maybe you'll get my point if look at one of the screenshots below, heh...

Some data about the level:
Size: 15x10
Unused rooms: 38 (if I counted right)
Trinkets: 16
Crewmates: 3


Like I said, don't expect much.
I would like to get some criticism, whether it's constructive or rude, thank you.


v.1.0.1: Nerfed "So Many Spikes!" trinket.

666th post fuk yehhh xddd
In these days there are a lot of people with more than 200 or 100 posts: currently there are 18 people with a "Captain" rank and 13 with "Professor" rank (making 31 people with at least a "Professor" rank). Back at the beginning of 2012 there were only 5 with a "Captain" rank and 10-15 with a "Professor" rank (making 15-20 with at least a "Professor" rank).
What I suggest is to do one of the things:

  • Raise the number of posts required to belong to each post count group. Example: >500: Captain; 200-499: Professor; 80-199: Doctor; 30-79: Crewmate (2 squares) and <30: Crewmate (1 square).
  • Create a new post count group. It may be in the middle or after the Captain rank. Example: <20: Crewmate (1 sq.); 20-39: Crewmate (2 sqs.); 40-99: Crewmate (3 sqs.); 100-199: Doctor (4 sqs.); 200-499: Professor (5 sqs.) and >500: Captain (6 sqs.).
I was originally thinking of the 1st option, but I just realized the 2nd option fits better with VVVVVV because there are 6 crewmates in the main game!
In the examples above I used 500 as the minimum posts required to be in the last rank. That's a large difference from the actual 200 posts, but there would still be 8 people with the last rank (currently).
What do you guys think? I guess what Terry thinks is more important.
(If the 1st option will be chosen, I wonder how many people with the "Captain" rank that go down in ranks will be angry. :D)
Also, aren't there various General Discussion threads in the VVVVVV board (like this one)? Why not lock the forum game threads (and the ones that will be created) and unlock the General Discussion Board? ???
VVVVVV / How frequently do you play VVVVVV?
March 28, 2013, 05:31:57 PM
I'm wondering how frequently you guys play VVVVVV, as in how any days between between each time you play and how many hours each time you play.

Myself, I play 1:15-1:30h each time, and the frequency varies... currently once in 5 days, but various months ago it was 3 days, some months ago it was more than 7 (:o). So, am I "slow" or "fast"?
The difference is only one pixel and only on the right side (if they point up), but that makes it possible for Viridian to stand on the edges of floors/ceilings that contain spikes!
Actually, I discovered this sometime ago and I feel that I should have said before... at that time I thought it was far from important, mostly because it probably happens on the main game too (although there probably aren't places where Viridian can stand on an edge) and probably happens in 1.x. too.
There are some places where this can be fixed without floating spikes: consider a floor/ceiling that crosses with a wall, both covered with spikes. The intersection between the lines of spikes shouldn't be a wall block! Either nothing or another spike. This is more common in DTTHW tunnels.
Actually this isn't important. Like I said, it's only one pixel of difference. Being able to stand on that pixel is hard enough to deserve passing a challenge! But surely there are cases when it isn't, right? ...
Also, like I said, it's only on one side. It only happens on half the cases!
Btw: Viridian's hitbox isn't just his body. As a consequence, if you ever manage to "stand" in that pixel, Viridian will be floating!
I can upload a screenshot here if it's hard to understand what I said, but not now.

EDIT: Fixed the title... I'm not perfect in English.

EDIT 2: Has anyone noticed this before? I think someone noticed that some years ago...
EDIT 3: It was in the prototype.
EDIT 4: Do you really need the "got" after "have"/"has"/"haven't"/etc.?
I'm using 2.0, but I've never seen anyone reporting this glitch, so I suppose that it also happens in 2.1. beta.
I also know that there computer version of VVVVVV is probably not going to be, but I still think it's a good idea to report this.

While playtesting my level in the level editor I noticed that, after dying (well, at least the first time and in spikes), various (but not all) horizontally moving enemies warped to a certain x position, which was near the center and the same for every enemy that warped; but stayed in the same y position.
I don't know how to reproduce this bug anywhere besides the room I played (didn't try reproducing anywhere else) and I don't know what's needed to reproduce (if the following isn't everything/doesn't need to be as specific as the following). The room wrapped all-around, its position in the level was (12,9), IIRC. Where is that in the main game, if that's important?
I would like if someone with 2.1. beta checked if this happens in that version too, but, like I said, I don't know what's needed to reproduce this glitch. Try doing the same as I did (create a user level and make it big enough. Make room (12,9) wrap around, add a CP, a spike and some horizontally moving enemies in there and then test).

I'm going to try reproducing this glitch in other rooms and other level myself. Strange glitch, isn't it? ???
I noticed that there are some smileys in which their text (which you need to write to use the smiley) and their meaning (like the abbr, hover the smiley to see it (also works in a post, not just the bar!)) aren't for that smiley. These are those:

:D ;D :-X

I feel like I should say what I wrote before, but I don't know if there's a feature in SMF for changing the texts in previous posts. If there isn't, then changing the text you need to type to use the smiley will make all the previous uses of that smiley turn into text. I don't even know if you can change text of a smiley.

Shlightly related, I've seen people using :D in places where they should have used ;D. This probably because :D's text is :D and that is a happy face, like ;D. It would be a good idea to change :D's text to something like :lol:, wouldn't it? Like I said I don't know if it's possible, but I felt like I should say this.
VVVVVV / Favorite level?
November 10, 2012, 05:56:01 PM
Everyone has different opinions, so I thought of creating a thread to discuss the favorite levels.

I still haven't thought about every level I completed, but, in my opinion, "The RYB Maze" by endme (featured) is the most original level. It's hard, though. "This is Portal" by PJBottomz has an interesting story. ... I like levels split into sub levels. ... Nothing else to say now, but I'll think about every level I completed.

EDIT: Fixed a typing mistake.
Everything else / I found a "new" way to write spoilers
October 16, 2012, 06:33:07 PM
Some months ago, I was reading the old posts, and I found one which wrote spoilers in this way: Hover a certain text for ≈1 second to reveal a yellow box like the ones that explain how to use things. THat box has the spoiler. Some time later I saw that post again and, because I was curious of how it's done, I quoted it. Some weeks ago I decide to post about this. Only now I quoted the post again to see the exact code and posted about this here here's how you used the code:

[abbr=(the hidden text)](text you need to hover to read the hidden text)[/abbr]

Write exactly like it's shown without quoting (to prevent transformation, I used the nobbc code, explained before in this forum).

Try it here:

Hover this for ≈1 second.

I think that this is better than highlighting white/gray text. :) Highlighting itself is harder than hovering (I think?), using white doesn't make it completely hidden (it's still hard to read, though), and it's hard to find the two exact background colours. What do you think?
Everything else / No active mods?!
September 15, 2012, 11:16:31 AM
I thought it was better to create a new topic here, instead of talking about this in the VVVVVV Records thread, where this discussion started. I also believe that Terry checks this board more often than the VVVVVV board, but I could be wrong.

This forum, apparently, doesn't have active moderators anymore.

Quote from: Dav999 on September 14, 2012, 09:03:03 PM
I think that most users who are currently a mod have a more personal relationship with Terry.

There are 3 mods, only 2 of them have a personal relation with Terry. I believe that StephenM3 is just someone who likes Terry's games, or at least VVVVVV... could be wrong, though.

Quote from: Dav999 on September 14, 2012, 09:03:03 PM
And the forum is inactive enough to make some people think it is dying!

Why is that related to the fact that this forum needs mods? The mods are inactive, but some members are active.
And all the people who think that this forum is dying are probably used to more active forums. I personally think that 20 posts/day, the current "posting rate" in this forum, is active, and I'm not comparing this forum to other forums, so this my fair opinion. I have, so far registered in this forum, anyway...
Slightly more related, why do spambots, apparently like inactive forums!? Check the forum stats and compare the # of posts in each month with the number of registrations in the same month to see what I mean.
I noticed that, when you start a Time Trial, the timer only shows 1 second after showing "Go!", starting at 0:00 and changing to 0:01 only 1 sec. later. Viridian can move immediately after showing "Go!". Because of that, the scores show 1 sec. less (Example: if you do in 1:30, it says you did it in 1:29). This happens in v.2.0 and (I think so) in v.1.2. Was this made on purpose?
If you create a wall that's less than 3 blocks from the top/bottom of the screen, when you move to that screen, a collision error occurs (Viridian flips automatically after he touches the wall and the room and the room before show, alternating between the two). You can still move/flip Viridian to stop the glitch.
I wrote this so that level creators prevent from creating this glitch.
VVVVVV / Warp tokens in the Warp Zone
June 17, 2012, 09:56:14 PM
Has anyone noticed that the warp tokens in the rooms of the Warp Zone that warp on all sides are always in the center. The warp tokens combine well with the background that way.
(Was it a good idea to create a new thread to talk about this?)
VVVVVV / Trinkets written in words
June 12, 2012, 06:19:13 PM
I'm curious of this since I got the 1st trinket in my 1st run:
Why is the number of trinkets written in words? For example: After collecting the 16th trinket it shows a message similar to this:

You got a shiny trinket!
Sixteen out of twenty

In the 2nd line, it could be just this:


So, why is it written in words?
VVVVVV Tech Support / Problems downloading levels
June 06, 2012, 10:02:49 PM
I tried to download a level from this forum, but when I double-clicked the VVVVVV file it said that it wasn't found any app that could open the file. It asked me to select an app, and I selected VVVVVV. After it opened, I didn't see the level in the list!
Notes: I use a Mac, VVVVVV 2.0, the level was Scripting Tutorial (made by PJBottomz) and the download was a zip file with the level.
So, how do I download levels? Is this a glitch?
VVVVVV Tech Support / Problems selecting tools
June 04, 2012, 08:33:39 PM
In the level editor, after I press space to show the toolbar, I can't select tools with the arrow keys. Instead, it moves between rooms. However, I can select tools with the number and letter keys. Is this a glitch? Am I using the wrong keys?
Note: I use Mac OS.
Note: I use version 2.0.
VVVVVV Tech Support / Warp Room Time-Trial Glitch
May 25, 2012, 09:35:41 PM
Note: This works in version 2.1 (and probably every version before this one).

How to reproduce the glitch:

  • Go to the Time Trials and choose Warp Zone or Final level.
  • Go to a room that warps (vertically or horizontally)
  • Move Viridian so that half of him/her is on the right (top for vertically warping rooms) and the other is on the left (or bottom). This doesn't work every time, so you Viridian has to be in a exact position.
  • Press Enter to restart the level

If you choosed the Warp Zone, it will show you the room to the right before it restarts (the room above for vertically warping rooms) with Viridian in it's last position and a grey Viridian floating. If you choosed the Final Level, it will show you the bottom-right room of Dimension VVVVVV.

I just saw seaking177's reset glitch video (for the 3DS) and I noticed that Viridian needed to be half on the right and half on the left and that after he quitted Viridian started in the bottom-right room of Dimension VVVVVV.

EDIT: I would like to know if this works in version 2, so, can someone try to reproduce this glitch in v.2?

EDIT 2: Read FIQ's post, this glitch works in 2.1.
Everything else / 2 Edit Buttons?
May 20, 2012, 04:45:30 PM
Why are there 2 edit buttons for editing the post? One (the one that says "modify") allows formatted text, smileys,etc. And the other stays in the thread page and doesn't allow formatted text, smileys,etc.;unless you write the code. Why?

EDIT: If you use the "Modify" button and save, the date of the last edit will appear. If you use the other one it won't appear. So, can you guess which button I used for this edit?

EDIT 2: The last edit I wrote was wrong. See my last post of this thread.
VVVVVV / Hardest trinket poll/Trinket Order
May 19, 2012, 10:40:52 PM
I saw a thread discussing the hard trinkets and decided to make a poll about it. We'll also discuss about the collecting order of the trinkets.

Here's my order on the 1st time I played:

13th: Gordian Knot
14th: Tower (1st trinket)
15th: One way room
16th: Purest Unobtanium
17th: Tower (2nd trinket)
18th: Edge Games
19th: Prize for the Reckless
20th: Doing Things the Hard Way
After I wrote my nickname, password and e-mail, it asked me for an e-mail confirmation. It said an e-mail was sent to me, but I didn't find anything on my inbox or on my spam. I couldn't login.
2 months later, I tried again, I found the e-mail and I signed in :vitellary:. Why did this happened? ???

EDIT: In my stats, the date I registered is the date it first said that at the e-mail was sent to me.
VVVVVV / Outer Space
May 04, 2012, 06:25:47 PM
According to the VVVVVV Wiki, there can be several "Outer Space" rooms after the Final Level, or there can be one room, warping on all sides.
However, if you go to the edge of the room and stay there, you don't see part of Viridian on one side  and the other part on the other side; so it means there are several "Outer Space" rooms!