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VVVVVV Levels / Mysterious Planet: A Short Story
« on: June 27, 2014, 06:23:23 am »
I hope someone gets to see this...

Hello there! My name is Krief (username, not actual name) and I made a VVVVVV level!

This is really intended to be a small, short, level that you can breeze through in an hour or less... Tell me how that
works out...  ???

The story is that Viridian is on a planet and has no idea what he's doing there. As he explores, he finds the story of the
people who lived there...

I built this in a couple of days after getting the make-and-play edition of VVVVVV. The story I came up with to go along with it
was sort of an out-of-the-blue decision and absolutely probably not canon... but whatever... I enjoyed it.

The design, I decided, would be simple. A tower section and a labyrinth section. Not complicated, completely linear. Very easy to
tell a story in. I spent a good chunk of my time dreaming up how the story would play out. Three days later, I completed it. Three days, hopefully well spent.

The level features scripting, but not internal scripting. I'd be willing to make the upgrade, though, if you guys care enough. Same goes for updates. While I did check everything, I'd be willing to start from scratch if you guys hate it or add sections to make the level more epic...

Things I'm Happy With
  • Most of the Tower Section, sans the Not Fun Room
  • The Story and Dialogue

Things I'm NOT Happy With
  • The Not Fun Room. While testing the level, the game crashed and I lost it. I tried to redo it, but it didn't turn out quite the same...
  • The Labyrinth. It's fine right now, but I wish I had added more flair to it.
  • There's a wall above one of the atmosphere grav lines. That's because I don't know how to destroy just ONE grav line, and flipping upwards there would break the game. It annoys me that I have to put a wall there because it breaks the mood, but I don't know if I CAN remove just one grav line. Oh well.

So yeah, I spent three days making a rough level of VVVVVV and shared it on a kinda stagnant forum! Please, leave comments and critiques. I would love to hear them, as long as they're not too scathing!

Happy VVVVVVing!

EDIT: I finished the fix, I think! I'll keep the original one up so if you guys like the first one better, you can still access it.

Fix List:

  • Made the Not Fun Room more fun, possibly...
  • Reduced Enemy Count in It's Simple, Really to three and made the enemies farther apart, I think...
  • Victoria is now impossible to pass.

  • All of the gravline terminals run once.

  • Went in and used Direct Mode to add invisible wall tiles to the top of the atmosphere.
  • Used Direct mode to touch up one-tiled walls. I'm actually NOT happy with the way most of it turned out, but it's mostly because neither the Outside tileset nor the Space Station tileset have three-bordered walls, and I think all the additions look slightly worse. Whatever, it was bugging you guys.

Like I said, small fixes. Thanks for standing by, and if there's one or two things you think I should change, then feel free to post about it.

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