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VVVVVV Levels / "C" Objects [VVVVVV Contest Round 3, 3rd place]
« on: December 06, 2018, 08:18:43 pm »
Okay I forgot to upload this one a while back so here it is. No screenshots this time, but here are the reviews:

Quote from: Reviews???
Feedback from Alexia - 8.0
That was... pretty good.
And, pretty buggy.
I think I dmed you all of the bugs I found.
Pretty nice level, enjoyed the dialogue.
It's cool how you used an enemy as a crewmate.

Feedback from Dav999 - 7.5
Especially focuses on
plot, maybe could've used
a bit more gameplay.

The phrase describes the
level well.

I don't think I've seen
any glitches.

Feedback from Lithium - 9.0
great story, nice jokes, a bit glitchy but still very cool

Uh, that's it I think. I doubt I'll be going back to fix the glitches this time, as this level's IS is REALLY complicated and I have no clue what causes the ones I haven't fixed already. OK, have fun.

VVVVVV Levels / Vitellary Quest [v0.9, mildly buggy]
« on: August 16, 2018, 03:09:50 am »
I figured I'd drop this here now, since all the cool kids are putting their contest levels on the forum for Exposure(TM) and, hey, I can just go back to update the file currently in here later, right?

Here is VITELLARY QUEST, the 1st place winner of round 2 of the VVVVVV Discord levelmaking contest! Features multiple playable characters, a fanonical prequel story explaining how Vitellary joined the D.S.S Souleye Crew, and two entirely original gameplay concepts no one (to my knowledge) has used before, all crammed into one dense 10x10 map filled with trinkets and scripting galore!

Read the RAVE REVIEWS (!!) from the judges of the round:

Quote from: Some Nerds
That was pretty good.
The gimmicks were cool, but based 100% on gameplay.
It's really, REALLY long, too.
I had to do it in two parts;
It seemed a bit too difficult at times.
Still, pretty solid level, 9/10
This level is amazing. The gameplay is just difficult enough to be engaging (sometimes its super difficult though), the gimmicks are unique, the story is wonderful. It reminds me of levels like dimension open that utilize the vanilla assets so well.
-broken position scrip -500 points >:(

Actually really good. I love it. I l o v    e   i  t. I really like the dynamic between Vermilion and Vitellary - it's hilarious. Only gripe is the occasional broken position scripts. There were pretty intense difficulty spikes for me in a couple of rooms, but I managed to power through them. I like how even though the level is focused on Vitellary, you still take the time to give the other characters some development as well. Really good mechanics with the manual gravity line shit.

9/10 make a sequal where they kidnap Victoria from her 3 by 3 foot house
Typing as I play: Text box positions are off, because you used simplified scripting for much of the dialog, which causes cyan reply textboxes to always be above the yellow player, and yellow textboxes to be in the center. There's also a wall glitch if you exit Overzealus Reflexes below. The start of the final area (where there's "no turning back") really needs to checkpoint the player earlier - it's really easy to die the first time in that room (or more), since you don't know the room yet, and then you're brought all the way back to Docking Station, and have to remove the gravity lines in Vermilion's room again and such. The 1x1 crumbling platforms can be really hard to walk on, especially in the room "aBkc naF droht", and the amount of flashes in "LusciousFigLipsExpelIdiocraticAria ehLOL" is pretty annoying if you have to keep repeating the room.
So there are a few stretches which sometimes assume you'll be able to make it in one or two tries, and become frustrating to have to keep repeating, especially in the final level. But other than that: this level has a good size - you filled the entire 10x10 space with unique rooms, you had a lot of scripting - the player can even choose which area to go to with which character, and will get different dialog depending on which character goes to which area. And you had a script called applebapple, which greatly reassured and relaxed me.
This is the only one I haven’t beaten: I gave up on the Final Challenge. Though as the name implies that’s very close to the end.

This level is sort of equal and opposite with shiny’s: where that had lots of assets but vanilla gameplay, uugr’s is light on custom assets but a tour de force of new mechanics. The enemy spawning zone especially has some truly WEIRD rooms, which is the best thing you can hope for in the context of an old-ish puzzle platformer. The spatial reasoning going on is excellent.

Unfortunately, this is bogged down a bit by some unreasonably precise rooms, particularly the aforementioned Final Challenge. The bit with the small gap with vertical gravity lines and enemies would be too much even with an adjacent checkpoint, let alone after an already-difficult section.

Also, don’t base your story on my shitty level that became a meme. You’re better than that.

But even this sour ending can’t diminish what’s overall one of the best-designed levels I’ve played. I love the trinket challenges where you speed up the enemies! And the bits where you have to untangle a room’s knot by opening enemy gates! And dipping in and out of gravity line confines! The design is bursting with creativity and I’m really impressed that uugr was able to make so much at this level of quality within a strict deadline.

This current version is listed as '0.9' instead of '1.0' because, unfortunately, there are a couple of minor bugs, especially with the scripting, that I didn't have time to fix by the contest deadline. When I have the free time, I'll probably release an updated version. The current version is fully playable, there are just small issues with text box positions and such.

Download (with graphics) attached!

VVVVVV / Createentity List
« on: August 24, 2017, 08:01:29 pm »
I can't find any thread that has all the createentity spawns listed in one easy-to-find place, so I figured I'd make one. All of this is copy-pasted from a post by FIQ waaaaaay into the Internal Commands thread.

Entity list:

0 - The player

1 - Enemy
Metadata: movement type, movement speed
Due to lacking needed data, you will only ever get a purple enemy box, unless you're in the VVVVVV polar dimension while doing the command

2 - Moving platform
Metadata: movement type, movement speed
Note that conveyors is implemented as moving platforms, see movement type 8 and 9.

3 - A disappearing platform

4 - A 1x1 quicker quicksand block

5 - A flipped Viridian, you will flip gravity when touched

6 - Weird red flashy thingy that disappears quickly

7 - Same as above, but doesn't flash and is coloured cyan

8 - A coin from the prototype
Metadata: Coin ID

9 - Trinket
Metadata: Trinket ID
Note that trinket ID start at 0, and everything above 19 will not be saved in the savefile once you restart the level

10 - Checkpoint
Metadata: Checkpoint state (0=flipped, 1=normal), Checkpoint ID (checks if the checkpoint is active or not)

11 - Horisontal gravity line
Metadata: Length in pixels

12 - Vertical gravity line
Metadata: Length in pixels

13 - Warp token
Metadata: Destination in tiles X axis, destination in tiles Y axis

14 - The round teleporter
Metadata: Checkpoint ID(?)

15 - Verdigris
Metadata: AI state

16 - Vitellary (flipped)
Metadata: AI state

17 - Victoria
Metadata: AI state

18 - Crewmate
Metadata: Colour (using raw color list, not the crewmate colors), mood

19 - Vermilion
Metadata: AI state

20 - Terminal
Metadata: Sprite, Script ID(?)

21 - Same as above but when touched the terminal doesn't light up
Metadata: Sprite, Script ID(?)

22 - Collected trinket
Metadata: Trinket ID

23 - Gravitron square
Metadata: Direction
If you input negative X coordinate (or too high), an arrow shows instead, just like in the real Gravitron

24 - Intermission 1 crewmate
Metadata: Raw color, mood
Doesn't seem to be affected by hazards, but should be. I'll have to look into this one

25 - Trophy
Metadata: Challenge identifier, sprite
If the challenge is completed, the base sprite ID (what you get if you use sprite=0) will change. Only use 0 or 1 if you want predictable results (0=normal, 1=flipped)

26: The warp token to the Secret Lab
Keep in mind that the warp is just implemented as a nice looking sprite. You'll have to script the functionality for yourself

55 - Rescueable crewmate
Metadata: Crewmate color. Color >6 will always show a *happy* Viridian

56 - Custom level enemy
Metadata: Movement type, movement speed
Keep in mind that if there's no enemies in the room, the enemy sprite data isn't updated correctly and it will just show what enemy you saw last time, or a square enemy

Undefined entities (27-50, 57+) give glitchy Viridians.

VVVVVV Levels / outside.
« on: July 18, 2017, 08:33:43 pm »
welcome to "outside".

in "outside", you will need to navigate a 20x3 map, doing as i instruct along the way.
if you succeed, you can progress to the end.
if you fail, you will be punished.
i think i see the way out...
do not do anything i do not instruct you to do. do not try to find anything outside of my rooms. do not listen to anyone else.
you'll have to do as i tell you to, though.
and most importantly, do not fail.

trust me.
trust me.

...oh, there's also another level included. whatever.

update: version 1.01
nerfed the second "DEATH DEATH DEATH" room and "do as i say".
changed the last challenge room. it isn't really easier now, but hopefully the difficulty should feel more 'controlled' and less luck-based.

VVVVVV Levels / Core Retrieval
« on: May 21, 2017, 05:32:48 pm »
This level contains

CORE RETRIEVAL - the new level by uugr, famous mildly known for his incredible basically ok work of divinely-inspired art 20x20 snoozefest map, Dimension WWW! (and also courage test, the level that nobody played :victoria:)

Core Retrieval is pretty small - only 5x5 - but it's VERY densely packed, with many secrets and optional dialogue paths to find. The level is also chock-full of hilarious cringey dialogue, with >=1 script in each of the 25 rooms. Whether this counts as a positive or negative feature is up to the interpretation of the viewer.

In this transcendental masterpiece level, Viridian must explore the bowels of his ship in order to find the core and bring it back to his crew for, like, maintenance or something. Along the way, Viridian will encounter many of the spikes that seem to follow him wherever he goes, a few decoy cores that cry out to be collected (even with no benefit to doing so), and be constantly assisted/distracted by the omnipresent intercom and his gregarious crewmate, Vermilion. Will you be able to reach the core before Vermilion gets fed up by the whims of a player as fickle and easily distracted as you? Only one way to find out!

Feedback is greatly despised appreciated.

VVVVVV Levels / The Courage Test
« on: April 19, 2017, 02:02:35 am »
The Courage Test is a level that I don't have time to make a good description for!!!

Remember how everyone was like 'WWW IS BAD BECAUSE THE OVERWORLD IS TOO BIG'? Well, this level is more than 50% overworld!
Remember how everyone was like 'i like how www was long'? Well, this level is really really short!!!

screenshots or whatever i guess

I hope you enjoy, probably.

VVVVVV Levels / Dimension WWW
« on: April 06, 2017, 12:34:35 am »
haha wow look at what an original title that is i bet it's never been used before yep that seems plausible

Dimension WWW is a massive level project that I spent a lot of time on. I think it's pretty fun, but I'll be very interested to hear any feedback on it. I've made other levels which I'll probably also post at some point, but I feel like this one is a good starting point!


The plot is pretty simple: The DSS Souleye has crashed, and the entire crew has been separated! Viridian must find and rescue them all, and find a way to escape. The crew have each been trapped in a level with a unique gimmick - Viridian in the first level (Space Station), Victoria in a level with lines that flip you when you hit them (Laboratory), Verdigris in levels with screenwrap (Warp Zone), Vitellary in a harder Space Station with conveyors that push you in one direction (Space Station 2), and Vermilion in a level with walls you can only walk through in one direction (Tower). Violet's still in what remains of the Ship, and there's a Final Level which combines the gimmicks of the previous levels into one final challenge!

Okay, you're probably feeling a bit of deja vu reading that, and with good reason - that's essentially a summary for VVVVVV itself, without the one-way walls bit. (THANKS FOR NO TOWER TILESET TERRY.) Those aren't the only similarities - this level is essentially a recreation of the main game, but with original level design for each room. Also there aren't any intermissions because 20x20 level size limits.


- A full 20x20 map with 6 levels based off of those in the main game, plus an overworld
- 20 shiny trinkets, placed roughly in locations corresponding to those of the main game
- Lots of regular scripting, plus a little bit of internal scripting in a certain place
- An (almost) 1:1 replacement of the level style room-for-room; it's pretty obvious which room corresponds with its VVVVVV couterpart
- A story subtly different from the original while still keeping the same style
- A difficulty consistent (at least I hope so) with that of the main game

That last one means that this level is (should be) MUCH easier than the average player level. I've played (and made!) a bunch of really hard player levels, and it's certainly fun for a while, but it gets frustrating after a while. This level should hopefully provide a less obnoxious challenge while still providing enough difficulty to not be COMPLETELY boring.

I guess feedback will tell me whether or not it actually works or not, though.


tl;dr - play the level pls

PS: You should also check out "Operation Gravity", which will be uploaded to this forum at the same time as WWW. It was made by a friend of mine, and I think it's really really good!

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