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VVVVVV Levels / Dimension Switchback help
« on: May 07, 2017, 09:34:11 pm »
Hi all, (new member, and first post, please tell me if I do something wrong)

a couple of years ago, I downloaded this awesome level somewhere from this site, if I'm not wrong. I played it entirely, and "finished" it. The version I got was 5.4, and I got all twenty trinkets. The ending was flawed, as you may know, so I don't have those stars near the name on the levels list.

So today, I tried it again. As I couldn't remember where I found the file, I searched again, and the most recent post about it I found was this: It says version 5.3 when opened, so it seems an early version of what I already had, but it claims that it has a "fix" for the ending. Can someone tell me about these two versions? I still remember I found some other glitches during the gameplay, but none of them seemed to break the game entirely.

Anyway, while playing again just now, I've found myself stuck in the beginning. I've found my first crewmate (don't remember the name, the green guy), and back to the ship. There was a strange bug, where when entering the final room of that section with greenguy for the first time, we both flash rainbows, and then go invisible. I still had to move to the terminal to press start and teleport back. Was that supposed to happen? The main issue, though, is that now the ship is empty (and from what I've understood reading on other sites it shouldn't be?), and no new places are unlocked. The discovered part of the map is small enough so I don't think I'm just missing some other place to go, so I don't know if I'm supossed to do something to unlock some of the gravity lines or teleports that are on my way to the new areas. And of course I can't remember from my previous playthrough years ago.

Can someone help me with this situation, and, if possible, tell me about the last version patches, and bugfixes, specially for the ending? On the other file I'm still on the last checkpoint in front of the final room (Heavens Above), where the end glitches. Just in case, I'll tell you exactly the issue with the ending: SPOILER: (is there even a spoiler feature on this sub?) when entering the room, the sequence starts automatically, but redguy talks not being present (or being invisible), and Vertigo creates the giant portal. Viridian flips from his position to disappear on midair, but TO THE RIGHT of the teleporter, and he just appears again and walks under the warp. Says his last goodbye to Vertigo, and then flips again correctly. Vertigo says "Farewell...", and the screen just remains there, without letting me advance the text. Apart from that, I could just be totally wrong, but I'd swear watching at some point that same scene but with the huge face of Vertigo showing on the screen. Was that a thing?

Well, I hope you guys can help me.

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