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VVVVVV Levels / Balneor's Fun Level Pack
August 10, 2018, 10:29:32 AM
[Note : This compilation will now stop receiving major updates. Please see reply #26, page 2.]

Hey. :viridian: This thread is a result of me having gone through the entirety of Distractionware's level section, and to celebrate that I decided to make my very own compilation of all the funs levels I've encountered since getting back to this game a few months ago. While it is true I'm missing out on a lot of inaccessible, lost-through-time content, this custom pack (of 300+ levels ! ) should be large enough for anyone interested in VVVVVV to try their hands at these, made by the community :

A few precisions upon browsing the compilation : You'll notice that most file names are extended to have key-words inside parentheses, like this one example : ("Trash", "impossible", ...). Don't pay too much attention to these, as they mostly were written to help me manage my custom collection... and actually, there's no such labels in here:D
...except for the terms that follow :

"Play only once", which usually is written when a level requires a lot of focus, such as mazes. I personally wouldn't want to play these labelled levels more than once, but they're still pretty good nonetheless.
"Bugged crewmate/trinket", which indicate some crewmate or trinkets are not present inside the level due to a bug within it, making completion impossible even though it should not.
"+" (Term that has since been renamed to "plus"), which means it requires additionnal files, most importantly graphics. They're included inside a folder with a name related to it. For music files though, I've added a link to get them, as they have far bigger sizes than anything else in this compilation, and wouldn't be convenient upon downloading (The entire comp with these files added would have made around a 180 MB of size, compared to 22 here).
"Modified", which means that I've taken the initiative of modifying them. It generally concerns gameplay tweaks, glitches fixes, repeating scripts fixes, big-enough changes that I need to mention it (Some levels may also be modified while still not having this term, but in that case the level changes are almost unnoticeable). The in-game level name should be completed with "mod".
"Unfinished", which means that this particular level was a demo at one point, and never got finished. You should generally expect an abrupt ending of progression. Some of them are big and good enough to be included, though.

Most level author's forum names were included in the description of levels if you ever want to look for them (And it will sometimes be named inside parentheses). So it should generally be possible to find back the original custom file or person by doing a quick search in this place, but I don't guarantee it all the time. A few of the levels here were acquired from other people's compilations from the past, but some of them were left unnamed, so I have no idea as to who they may belong, and you'll excuse me for that.

Final words here. While I tried to be somewhat professional with how everything is presented and for the compilation itself, it's obviously far from perfect, and heavily depends on my tastes. There may be big fun/difficulty gaps between the chosen levels, and some of them might just be at the border of frustration, that they may displease some. I will try and arrange that in the future.
But if you're simply looking for a way to lenghten your VVVVVV experience, then this hundred-of-hours-worth-of-play compilation is for you.

[As of now the entire compilation contains 305 levels.]
[30/October/19 : Fixed Dimension IJK from being impossible to beat (pack 2). Modified a terminal in Puzzle Pen (pack 3).]
[7/December/19 : Greatly modified Fragments v0.2 (pack 2).]