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Archived posts suggests one exists but I can't find one anywhere. It'd be cool to immerse myself more in the community and get more immediate feedback when designing/troubleshooting levels.
VVVVVV Help / Few Questions About Room Design
June 03, 2018, 07:22:49 AM
1)Wall Glitches

I'm brand new to making rooms so I'm still trying to figure things out. Occasionally if a wall doesn't have a solid line around it, Viridian clips through the walls and sort of falls through them until he hits the next room, and then the whole room freezes. Why is it that the wall's solid line doesn't appear even when there's a solid line?

2) Room Teleportation

I've already designed the particular room in question around this problem using warp tiles, but for future reference is it possible to map one edge of the room to the edge of a completely different room to give the illusion of a "climb" or "fall" that is higher/deeper than just 5 rooms without using warp tiles?

3) Room Names

Is it possible for the Room Name bar to not obscure the bottom-most row of tiles? I've put some spikes there in some rooms, and it gets obscured with the room names.

4) Unused Scripts

I have some scripting boxes I accidentally placed and deleted terminals, and the whole scripting menu is a bit screwed up and cluttered with extra unused scripts. I cannot seem to remove them. I know I could "break" the game if it tried to call a script that doesn't exist but it's really cluttering up the workspace.

5) Multiple Levels

How do I create a full-out world where there's multiple teleporters and levels? All I can do at this point is use my limited 25 frames to make people run back and forth to complete tasks. I know there's a way to map the gravity lines to scripts that are triggered by trinket counts to act as gates. I plan to use that to make people run back and forth, and I've placed some diabolical traps to cause people to have to re-do some difficult parts if they mess up.

6) Text Enemies

Is it possible to place flashing text enemies in the game?

7) Playing Outside Editor

Is it possible to load a level without going into the editor?


Overall VVVVVV is a game I keep recommending to people and mentioning on the list of my favorite games. The Guile's-Theme-inspired music (especially Positive Force) is so catchy and I love the 8-bit style. I even went so far as to 3D print Viridian in blue glow in the dark material, although I have no clue where I put him hehe I do need to find him.

But yes. I'm looking forward to completing this level and making more levels.

And as I am new to the forum, is there anything I need to know? You know, that's fundamentally different from other forums and common sense rules?