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As always, let's start with some screens!

OK I promise to finish tweaking VR Training but for now I started a new level that was inspired by Quantum Tunnel. Instead of having a two layer long level though, Temporal Ribbon uses one layer. What does this mean? It means you can either warp around the room or reset it... it'll make more sense if you play it. So try it out!

The level is about 80% complete but I'd like to get some input. Bugs? Too hard? Unintended shortcuts/errors in design?

Level Features:
- Boomerang style path. Complete in one direction... have a new experience in the other!
- Jump into special temporal rifts to go back in time.
- A wide variety of challenges.
- A puzzle to solve half-way through. Will you make the right choice?
- Need an extra challenge? Uncover the back-story by obtaining all the hidden crew logs.

VVVVVV Levels / "VR Training" - A hodge-podge 5x5 debut level.
« on: April 12, 2012, 02:24:58 am »
Hello! First off, I'd like to give a thanks to Terry for making this wonderful game--I'm quite the fan. So thank you!  :viridian:

This is kind of my guinea pig. It started off as experimentation to try out different ideas and I decided to turn it into a full on level. Because of this it may feel very stitched together, lacking some of game niceties such as a learning curve, introducing ideas slowly, and so forth. On the plus side I think it has some nifty features and clever obstacle gimmicks. First, a few screens.

Name/Story: VR Training (training.vvvvvv)
The crew has built and installed a virtual training course on the ship in case the events of VVVVVV occur again. Veridian takes it for a spin.

Style: It's 5x5 with a central hub. Compact design with obstacles usually limited to a single room. Fairly linear, the focus on challenges rather than exploration.

Difficulty: Not for newbies. It's taxing for the most part, but checkpoints are plentiful and nothing is pull-your-hair-out difficult.

- A map built into the game that shows you room lay-out as well as locations of Trinkets, Crew, and Warp Tokens.
- "Trinket Gate" that requires them all to open.
- "Bosses". Yup, there are bosses in this game. Think of them as extra hard rooms where you have to slowly open up the exit while surviving.

I'm looking for people to give this a try and supply some feedback. Primarily if any rooms are too hard, presence of bugs, and first and fore most... is it fun?!

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