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Super Hexagon / IPad 4 performance problems
December 17, 2012, 01:23:23 AM
Hey all,
This ipad 4 has been doing this since i got it. I installed one app, super hexagon. Every 10 minutes or so, and i can feel it coming because it chokes a little, I will go through about 20 seconds of choppy, extra sensitive play, followed by smooth normal play after that. It happens in the middle of games, so you can imagine my frusteration when i hit 58 seconds and die because of the lag.

Of course its sort of an added difficulty and i have somewhat learned to work around it and just adjust my sensitivity, but with a dual A6 processor and 1 gig of ram I dont see how this could be. Perhaps a memory leak?

It is not jailbroken (as no jailbreak exists yet) and im on 6.0 ipad 4 wifi only.
Super Hexagon / Hex Editing Super Hexagon Binary
November 07, 2012, 08:59:35 PM
So for some fun, I tried to see what fun I can do with hex editing the binary file.

I managed to find out the following:

a) Can get rid of the glados style voice.

b) Can make main title screen music the creepy music from Super Hyper Hexagonest mode!

c) Can make main title screen music the ending music!

D) CANNOT slow down, speed up, or adjust any controls.

Will update as I play around :)