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As it is, if you screw up, you have to quit and go through the menus again to have another go. Thanks!
VVVVVV Help / Variation Venture broken on Android?
January 07, 2020, 12:59:08 AM
I can't beat the Optional Extra room. Is it even possible on the Android version? Thanks.
VVVVVV / 3DS version Game Complete trophy won't unlock
February 07, 2018, 01:26:31 PM
This is a bug that seems to have been introduced with the latest update; the picture at the end of the game is different (more colours and detail) but the Game Complete trophy won't unlock, and neither will Flip Mode and the Final Level Time Trial. I even force-unlocked Flip Mode and completed that - it gave me the trophy for Flip Mode but not the main Game Complete trophy. However, on quitting and restarting the game, the Flip Mode trophy vanished! I assume it didn't save or something? I have yet to try again so can't comment further on that.

I know it's late but is there any chance of this being patched?

I'm actually trying to complete No-Death Mode to see if THAT unlocks the Game Complete trophy! I got as far as Timeslip on my best attempt, and I no longer fear the Gravitron, but it'll likely still take a while...

EDIT: I'm not the only one having this issue:

EDIT again: No Death Mode: If cutscenes are disabled, the wrong version of Predestined Fate plays during the final level.
VVVVVV Tech Support / advanced_mode in unlock.vvv?
October 14, 2012, 07:05:56 PM
What is it? I tried changing it and nothing seemed to happen. Is it to do with the next two items, which seem to refer to graphics? i.e. advanced options that you can only change via editing the file manually?
Load pretty much any level into the editor and try to change the warp direction of room (1,1) and it won't let you. "ERROR: Cannot have both warp types". Some levels also won't let you change the warp direction of (1,2), but some will. The weird thing is that in the level "Soul Searching" I also tried this, and it said the same thing in (1,2) but the room is already set to warp horizontally. Is this a glitch, and if so, how was the room set to warp horizontally if the editor won't let you do it?

The levels I tried were 333333 (easy mode), Soul Searching, Line Wrap, Quantum Tunnel. I had the glitch in (1,1) in all four of those, and in (1,2) in two or three of them. There were no warp lines in the rooms in question so it doesn't make sense!
It took a while before I isolated the cause of this, but I did it by searching for the text strings that appear - Google pointed to the download link (Google's able to search the zip for text now! Nice!)

Anyway, if you play or edit 333333 (easy mode) - you don't have to do anything, just open the level then quit if you want, then open Quantum Tunnel, some text will appear in the room labelled "Back Again" (7,2) in the bottom right corner, just under the VVVV by the exit. Only the first five characters are visible, but the editor shows the text string to be "This took a lot of fixing and stuff!"

You can press R then left-click the start of the text to read the full string. If you do this, press Enter. Now, right-click it and it's gone. Reload Quantum Tunnel, and a different text string is there - now it's "The Lab was made". Repeat this, and it's replaced with "<", and the < will keep reappearing if you delete it and reload Quantum Tunnel. (Note that all this is done WITHOUT saving the level. It's easiest to check in the editor, but you can play the level instead if you don't mind walking to the spot to see the erroneous text.)

Anyway, I downloaded 333333 (hard mode) and tried it with this. Now you get "Was it really worth it?" followed by "The Lab was made", followed by "<" etc.

Does anyone know why this happens? If you load Quantum Tunnel first, this doesn't happen, but loading either version of 333333 causes some text to appear in this spot. It's very odd.

EDIT: Someone else noticed random text appearing in his level, too, in this topic: . Maybe it's a weird glitch with VVVVVV that if you load certain levels after certain other levels, some things get carried over for some reason?