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Super Hexagon / Super Hexagon and neurology?
March 22, 2013, 03:09:00 AM
I have a theory, though I don't have anything to actually back it up. I think Super Hexagon helps to develop one's nervous system, since it requires fast reaction and precision. I'm a particularly slow and clumsy guy, and actually it feels great that - with practice - I could pass the levels regardless (though I still haven't passed Hyper Hexagonest yet, but I have all the others). I didn't even believe that I am physically able to complete this game.

Is it possible that Super Hexagon may help those with certain kinds of neurological disorders? I'm not sure, since I'm not a neurologist or anything... Do you have any information on that?

Though I don't have any diagnosed neurological disorder or anything; but I'm really known as slow, clumsy, with bad reaction time - sure I'm worse than average. Not sure if Super Hexagon helped me with that - I don't really know how could I test it. So far it's just a theory.

But anyway, the bottom line is that if it turned out that Super Hexagon has a curative effect, that would be pretty much cool! Maybe it could be used as therapy! Though I'm sure it's not the first game that could be used for that purpose.
Super Hexagon / Endings
March 14, 2013, 12:09:47 AM
I've managed to beat Hexagonest so I've seen the first ending...

But I wonder, what are the conditions of getting the ending? I've done the levels sequentially: Hexagon, Hexagoner, Hexagonest; no question that I got the ending at the end of Hexagonest... But what if someone does the levels in a different order, say unlock Hexagonest first? :o Will he get the ending without completing the previous levels (Hexagon & Hexagoner), or he needs to pass those levels too? Say, if someone does the levels in this order: Hexagonest, Hexagon, Hexagoner; where will he get the ending? When he passes Hexagonest or when he passes Hexagoner?

Also, now if I pass Hexagonest again, will I get the ending again? To be honest it would be nice to see it multiple times. ;)
Are you ready for a Humble Bundle Super Hexagon Showdown?

^ Anyone participating?

I don't... I really can't beat 184.47 seconds. :(

Though if you do, feel free to post your videos here too! ;)
Super Hexagon / Super Hexagon Update?
March 08, 2013, 02:21:42 AM
Today Steam pulled an update for Super Hexagon - since for a while Steam doesn't show technical update news, I have no information what change has been made... Also, maybe only the Steam for Linux version was affected - I don't remember seeing the Windows Steam to fetch an update...

Any ideas? Maybe it's a bugfix?

At first, I thought that the change is that now I don't see my actual state (Point, Line, Triangle, etc.) at the upper left corner, instead I see my best time... however, I noticed I still see my state on levels I haven't completed yet, so I guess that only seeing the best time on levels I've already passed is normal - I mean, I guess it has always been that way and no change has been made there.
VVVVVV Tech Support / Starting VVVVVV with Steam Linux
February 10, 2013, 02:49:45 AM
Now that the Steam Linux Beta is open, I thought to give it a try. Steam lists VVVVVV as available for Linux in my Library, I installed it through Steam, but then I can't start it.

It says "Failed to start game (missing executable)." - is it supposed to work at all? What I find strange, that despite the game's appearing in my Library as available for Linux, the store page doesn't mention that the game is available for Steam Linux. :o

Another game ("Half-Life (Beta)") starts successfully.

Is there anyone who could start the game with Steam Linux?
Super Hexagon / The Power of Six?
December 15, 2012, 11:08:22 PM
Am I the only one who thinks Super Hexagon and VVVVVV have quite a few things in common?

To begin with, "Super Gravitron" - "Super Hexagon".

Second, there is the number 6.
VVVVVV: Six crew members, six colors, six levels, etc..
Super Hexagon: Six-edged polygon, six stages (point, line, triangle, etc.), six difficulty levels.

Maybe 6 is Terry's lucky number. ;)

And actually, I wouldn't be surprised if both games took part in the same universe.
Few days ago I've sent an e-mail to Terry, describing some bugs and telling some suggestions. He directed me to this forum for a patch, and then I think it's more efficient if I post my stuff here too, so Simon can also see it.

QuoteI've already played the game on Ubuntu 12.10 system running on my Lenovo ThinkCentre M51 8141 (3.2 GHz processor).

I've noticed some problems, but I don't know if they're caused by my poor integrated graphics card or Unity bugs.

- I can't seem to be able to put the game to full screen. If I try, the screen doesn't fit on my monitor. It happens with all resolutions. So I found the optimal way to run VVVVVV is in x4 windowed mode. Additional note: it seems to happen to ALL games those try to set a resolution which is smaller than my monitor's native 1920x1080, so it's probably not a VVVVVV-specific problem - BUT I think it would be nice to support 1920x1080 and other widescreen resolutions then.
- But then the game fails to memorize that it should switch to x4 windowed mode when I quit and start the game again. (Strange, however, because it shows x4 selected in the settings, but it's not x4-sized actually.) It is addressed with the V2.1 patch which I didn't know about by the time, but it raised this bug instead.
- The game crashes when I press Alt-PrintScreen. :( Doesn't seem to happen in V2.1, and probably it was a random unreproducible bug anyway.

Also, I noticed the game seems to run with different speeds on better and slower machines, and this is odd. That's one thing that my laptop always overheats and thus the game becomes slower (so I practically cheated the whole game when I was playing on my laptop :P), but my laptop is an unsupported hardware. :P I assume that VVVVVV runs with normal speed on my 3 GHz machine. But then, I installed VVVVVV somewhere on a really fast machine, and there the game was SUPER INHUMAN FAST!!! It was almost unplayable, since my neurons are too slow to process what's happening. Although it's still possible that that's the game's normal speed, and it runs slower than normal on my ThinkCentre. I don't know. If I see YouTube videos, however, it backs up my suspicion, that the normal speed is what I perceive on my ThinkCentre.

The point is that (aside from really sucky hardware like my laptop) you should optimize the game to run with the same speed on slightly older and super modern hardware too. Honestly, I don't know how the game is timed, and so what you could do to fix this. And I'm not even sure if others have this problem too or it's just me.

Anyway, I don't know when does Valve plan to release Steam on Linux; but if I got it correctly from your e-mail, you're also planning to prepare a Linux version for Linux Steam users, which is really great! \o/ I'm just curious, are you planning to celebrate the Linux Steam release like how you celebrated the C port of the game? I mean things like:
- Adding new content (levels, music, easter eggs, etc.).
- Adding Steam achievements. (That would be awesome! \o/)
- Implementing Steam cloud. (Personally, I don't really like that service for I find it annoying, but other players may like it. You can hold a voting on your forum or somewhere if you're in doubt.)
Hi there,

I've reported a bug to Terry that the game doesn't remember the set Window size after I close the game. ("...the game fails to memorize that it should switch to x4 windowed mode when I quit and start the game again. (Strange, however, because it shows x4 selected in the settings, but it's not x4-sized actually.") Then Terry directed me to this thread to apply the V2.1 patch which addresses this problem.

Now the game seems to remember the window size... but the content in the window doesn't get scaled appropriately. No matter how I try to set another window size in the "graphics options" menu, the window size changes, but the content never gets rescaled appropriately. This problem didn't appear in V2.0.

A screenshot should appear below (if not, either it is not loaded yet, or my server went down again).

UPDATE: The content gets rescaled appropriately when I disable OpenGL support. Then I can resize the window with OpenGL support disabled, and the content gets resized correctly. Then I can even re-enable OpenGL, the content size stays the same. BUT when I change the window size again with OpenGL enabled, the problem is present again: the window size changes, but the content size stays the same (whatever size I set before re-enabling OpenGL). Phew! Quite complicated. Just ask if something is not clear!