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Hi, I just got VVVVVV 2.0 and there are quite a few strange bugs I'm experiencing with it.  :victoria:

I wanted full screen, but I wasn't sure which resolution option was best, so I just chose "automatic." When I did so, I started experiencing bad graphical slowdown in the game. How bad, well, let's just say Veni Vidi Vici might have been doable for someone trying it the first time. The slowdown is pervasive, if you look you can even see that the background in the title screen is slower, as are the little transitions between the menu screen and the game itself.

Here's where it gets weird: choosing ANY of the resolution options manually (640X480, 800X600, and 1024X786) will result in normal, smooth and properly speedy graphics! Does the 'auto' option choose something that's not even visible to the user in the menu by picking himself?

We still aren't all the way down the rabbit hole. After manually choosing any of these other full screen resolution options, the game plays just fine, as I said. Fine, that is, until you quit the game and relaunch it again later. When I do so, the graphics are back to being slow. If I go into the graphics options in the menu to check them out, they SAY that whatever option I last selected is still what the game is currently in. Yet, it's behaving the same way as it did when it was set to 'auto,' and if I manually tell the game to enter the same fullscreen resolution that it says it's already in, it will then go back to normal. Upon quitting and relaunching, we're back to the land of slowness, and I'll have to again go to the graphics options to fix it myself.

Final note: there's a similar bug with the graphics options misrepresenting themselves in windowed mode, too. I do not experience the performance issue in any of the windowed mode options. However, if I enter any windowed mode of a size that is not 2X (1X, 3X, or 4X), then quit the game, upon relaunch the window size is always reset back to 2X. When this happens, if I go into the graphics menu, the game will claim that the current mode is what I last set it at, even though it's quite plain to see that it's been reset to 2X.

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