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VVVVVV Levels / "Distant Lands" [fragment] [v3]
« on: October 31, 2011, 02:15:51 am »
Distant Lands

A very short level (14 rooms) featuring gravity lines and enemies. A lot of them. Despite this, the overall difficulty is low... I think. Almost no-scripting.
In reality, it corresponds to a single zone (the middle) of my level, actually in progress.

I would love to hear feedback, specially of some of the last screens, if fine-tuning is required. The room after of the image's is incomplete. And many rooms lack of a appropriate name. Excepting that, I think of it as a good level. I tried to add some ideas not so used. Have fun with this.

I'm sharing this little fragment because really I don't know if I will achieve to finish the whole level some day. After of to purchase the game (with the Humble Indie Bundle) I tested some of the extra level and I liked them. Then I began to play with the level editor and I started to work in my level. Since then, the progress is going slow as hell, basically because rapidly I found myself hardly finding things that I feel really interesting for it. This zone (of 4 or  5) is the first almost-complete, but the rest... Anyway, I will not stop with this, so, you can to expect more for to see... but not before the end of the year for the whole thing.

Version 3:
* Fine-tuning of the rooms "5" and "Dogde the rain". Easier? Yeah. Probably. I expect that.
Version 2
* I redone a room ("5"). I expect that it will prepare you in a better way for the next (room).

English isn't my primary language, so sorry for the possible bad phrases.

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