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VVVVVV / You know what would be awesome...
« on: July 30, 2011, 07:53:24 pm »
To have a Trinket Emote on the forums! Like how people give out free internetz, you could give out Trinkets =D

VVVVVV Levels / The Tower Revisited! (Scrapping it)
« on: July 30, 2011, 06:05:41 am »
I think i'm just going to scrap this project, I haven't worked on it in months  :victoria:

Thanks to the positive comments I've received with Under Wraps, I decided to start working on a new level, simply called "The Tower Revisited!"

Still a Work of Progress, but I'm curious of any ideas the community could help me with, because I'm now starting to get a little bit of Writer's Block  :victoria:
Also really not trying to make it similar to my previous one.

edit: Beta Released! One crew mate and three trinkets so far...  :viridian:

Update: Beta 0.2

-"Step it up" I moved the gravity lines out thinner, (4 blocks instead of 3) Now makes it less dumb luck and more skill
-"Spikes... I hate Spikes" Added a checkpoint, but I don't think jumps need to be perfect, but indeed skilled. if there are more problems, I'll remove some spikes
-"Warp Fields Stabilized" (totally not a reference to Starcraft) Added more room to make that jump and added a checkpoint
-"Dead End?" Removed the check points due to they were being pointless

OMG I'm been featured! I'm so honored  :viridian: :viridian: :viridian: :viridian: :viridian:

While exploring, you come across a distress signal. You follow it and start to explore the place...

Update Log:

Version 1.2.1:
-Added Crucial Missing Spikes to "Quick Reflexes"
-Deleted a Rogue Script that I forgot to delete.

Version 1.2:
-Removed Most spikes from "One Way Ticket" and all spikes from the vertical tube in "Transport Tube."
-Eradicated all single tiles from existence, except those involved in art.
-cut the amount of enemies in "Security Lock 001" by 40%.
-Made sure you can not miss crew mates In "CAUTION: May contain pits" and "Cave-In."
-Fixed the one-width tile floors in "Cavern" and "Control Room."
-Fixed "A Fork in the Gravity Flux" to have wider hallways.
-Fixed the last RAE in "We Really Need to Fix These."
-Fixed the platforms in "Quick Reflexes."
-."..And 005" No longer has a roof or floor.
-Removed two spikes from "Black Hole Maintainer."
-Fixed the grammar in "Couldn't Have Said It Better."
-raised the floor on "Maybe Alittle..." while also changing the moving platforms.
-Added some more scripts

Version 1.1
-"Transport Tube" fixed.
-In "Cave-In" you can see the floor now. 
-Typos Fixed.
-Made "Quick Reflexes" Look better Visually.
-Added scripting to replace text (except in CAUTION: May Contain Pits.)
-I believe the Hidden Floors in "Control Room" are cleared, I couldn't find any.

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