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VVVVVV / Tennis for 222222
August 04, 2011, 02:48:35 PM
Looks like someone decided to mix Pong and VVVVVV. :verdigris:
This is more like a "Central" area for all of my levels.
I also create Template Levels, which you can modify however you like
None at the Moment
The DSS Souleye

Only problems with this level: It is glitched, saying that there's 6 crewmates, when there's only 5, and the fact that I can't place two more trinkets. I can't solve this, as those two trinkets and the crewmate that don't exist can't be found anywhere on the map.  Plus, I can't align the messages, due to the spaces being removed, and terminals/crewmates cannot be placed on the ceiling.  :victoria:

Edit: Seems I was right about the crewmate. Fixed the Level, again.