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Super Hexagon / Stupid Zynga
October 19, 2012, 11:46:06 AM

:-X I hate you zynga poker, I really do.
Super Hexagon / iPad 1 problems
September 25, 2012, 07:45:04 AM
Hello everyone, I'd like to address some issues i'm having with the iPad 1, I don't know about other apple devices because i only own an 3 years old iPad  :victoria:

Ok so here's the list:

Sometimes on Hyper Hexagon it  freezes right after the woman says "game over" but the music keeps on playing, and you have to restart the game in order to fix it
I have been experiencing some lag that starts idontknowwhen because idontknowwhy, but I'm trying to figure out, and will post here if I can find the reason.
EDIT: It seems that restarting the game can fix the lag! Still not sure why it starts, though.
EDIT2: I think i found out why the lag starts. If you minimize the game and go do other things on your iPad, if you dont close the game, it will lag when you come back (still testing to be sure)
EDIT3: I found out another bug: yesterday the lights went off so there was no wifi and everytime I opened the game it tried to load game center and then crashed. (In the time i was dumb enough to forget there was no wifi, so i thought reinstalling the game would fix it, but after uninstalling it i realized there was no way i could download it back :D. Also a tip for everyone: don't uninstall the game, even if you press "keep gamecenter scores" you will lose all your high scores!!

Does anyone have any of those problems on different devices? Or maybe its only happening on the iPad 1? Or even, maybe it's only happening to me?  :victoria:

Also, I'd like to see this on pc or android soon, I'm so pissed because I was breaking my record on Hexagoner, was doing my best play scoring over 50:00, trying really hard to unlock Hyper Hexagoner, but then Zynga Poker message showed up saying "come play poker" so I pressed cancel and died  :violet: damn you ios!
EDIT: Hey all, i'm releasing a new update for the map, changelog and download in the end of the post. 3 new rooms, 1 crewmate, 1 secret trinket, new room names, harder rooms and bug fixes :)

Working on 1.12!

Hi all.

This is my first map in VVVVVV.

It's only the BETA, i'm going to add some new rooms when i have time; It's not really easy but its small, 24 rooms

Expect more maps from me, this is only the first, i'm going to make better maps   :viridian:

Hope you enjoy it, there are 3 trinkets and 3 crewmates.

I tried to make it hard, but not very hard, as i made a small map it couldn't be easy, right?  :vermillion:

Yes, i finished it twice its actually possible to beat it. You may get stuck in "Precision" and "Reverse Challange", they're hard  :vitellary:

So, basically i made most part of the maps with an 1x1 brush because i did not noticed that there was 3x3 and 5x5 brushes :P. It took a lot of time to do it.

Actually i made this map for challagining my friend, and he made a map for testing me, but i decided to post it on the forum (he may post his map too), lets see what you think of my map  :viridian:

Here are some screenshots. Download it and please leave a comment! Let me know what you think about the map.

Sorry about the short text, i made a larger one but i got a "file too large" error and it was cleared.  :victoria:

Version 1.1b!

Change log:

*Renamed the room "You're only seeing one path" to "Think Fast" and added another path, now are three!
*Renamed the room "Woo, spikes!" to "Sekips". and made it harder
*Renamed the room "The annoying room" to "Think Fast 2" and made it really harder.
*Renamed the room "The annyoing part" to "Perfect Landing" and made it really harder.
*Renamed the room "Woo, Secret Place" to "Yay, Secret Place"
*Renamed the room "Omg everything is so blue" to "Seeing Blue"
*Added the room "Green mode unlocked" (hard)
*Added the room "Don't Look Back" (very hard)
*Added a room without name, only with a crewmate and walls.
*Removed the test checkpoint in the secret trinket room

I think that's it, there's maybe something i forgot but thats the most important fixes :)

Here is a hint to find the new trinket: It's on the second room, but you can't take it from there. You can only get there from another room, it's a green one, basically that's all i can say :)

*Made Don't Look Back Harder and fixed some bugs that allow you to pass through walls, It was already really hard, but some changes was needed. :)
*Made Purple Room look a bit better
*Added a checkpoint in Green Mode unlocked that i accidentally removed in the last version. I decided to put it in another place, now there's no music changing all the time.
*Made "You selected the wrong path!" a lot better (finally, it was too easy)
*Added two enemys to "Nothing to see here" so you can't land directly on "You selected the wrong path"
*Made some changes in "The unnamed room" (finally)
*Fixed a bug where you can get a crewmate from "You selected the wrong path"

I'm going to add the new super hard room in the next patch. Actually this isn't a new version, just some really needed changes that i saw when i was playing my level again :)

-There will be a new, hard and secret room. (Hmmm, i'm not going to make it until i have a pretty nice idea)
-I'm going to make some rooms harder. (I made a lot of rooms harder in these two updates, 1.12 will made it more challanging)

Download link updated.
Screenshots updated.