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VVVVVV Levels / "Jail Break" (v1.2.2) by YouKnow
« on: August 01, 2011, 11:56:14 pm »
Jail Break (v1.2.2)

It's a small little map, 5x5, and it's moderately easy compared to some custom maps I've played.  There's quite a few secrets for its size despite there being only 1 trinket, and it's very script heavy (70 scripts) so, although I'm sure it's bug free, keep an eye out for them anyway.

Tell me what you think, etc.  Personally, I think the finale could be better.

Change Log: (Spoilerz)
-Ok, NOW I'm done.  This is the final version until scripting gets updated.  :violet: :violet: :violet:
-Moved triggerred script boxes at the very end so you don't walk into them when the level finishes, which causes the screen to stay black and not go back to the player levels menu.
-Moved music1 script box in diVot to its correct place

-GAH fixed triggerintro2/intro2 scripts from repeating if you left the room and came back.  (Since when did that happen anyway?  Scripts seem to change themselves on me.  :victoria:)

-Removed the four trinkets (It uses a flag check instead of a trinket check at the end now)
-Added an actual hidden trinket
-Removed a few spikes from Hey! Listen! (I'm finding it too hard for what it's suppose to be)
-Changed the aesthetics of Sore Throat a bit to match the adjacent room.
-Moved a check point in The Teasing Terminal
-Widened the triggercaptainslog script box so speedy players don't fall into the next room after activating the script
-Moved the checkpoint in diVot for some reason
-Widened a platform in the finale so the checkpoint isn't on the very edge.
-Moved warp tokens around again in the finale
-Widened passage in The Bottom Fork so you don't land on the one block wide ledge as it narrows.
-Also the map is an attachment now instead of a Mediafire link

-Removed random room text in diVot (I don't even remember putting that there)
-Took the version number out of the description. (It's in the file name now)

-Added one-way exit in Tight Timing
-Widened the exit in The Clouds, The Cacti, And A Cobra
-Added a checkpoint half way through One-Button Room
-Moved some teleporter tokens furthur away from their respective gravity lines
-Moved the top gravity line in the second finale room to prevent it from disappearing
-Added another secret script

Requests for scripting: (unless I'm stupid and you can already do some of these things.)
-One-time scripts would save time and be less complicated for intro cutscenes.
-Crewmate speech (my map parodies this 5 times)
-Ability to control Viridian's and the crewmates' movement for cutscenes
-Scripts that can be set off again without having to leave the room to reset it.
-Ability to make a conditional script without having to split it up into a trigger script and the actual script.
-if2flag(flag#,flag#,scriptx) or something like that.  I split it up into 3 scripts to accomplish this, which is pretty annoying. Also, I can't seem to get this method to work again. I have to have some text after the ifflag() function for some reason.

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