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VVVVVV Levels / The Zth Dimension - UPDATED v1.1!
« on: August 04, 2011, 03:55:20 pm »
EDIT: August 5th, 2011

I want to give everyone who helped played and left comments (even those who didn't!) to make my game a little better :D Thanks guys, I can't appreciate it enough. I'm very glad you liked it! (There might be another game coming when this one is nice and done ;) )

I didn't fix -everything- that I was told (as far as some difficulty or challenges were concerned) but I did make some things easier, and I did fix that nasty "Pit Trap" room ;), try out the new version and see what I did!

Also, the Trinkets were meant to be optional, and in the final room I will keep it as is if you decide to go back. Having all the trinkets gives you (besides 100%, for those players who decide to play that way) access to a bonus room that includes warps to either the beginning (have fun doing everything again :D) or the final room.

For those interested, here are the new version fixes:

Fixed a tile preventing spike death in "Prison Bars"
Made the enemies part of "Enemies and Spikes, joy..." a "little" easier
Made the final spear easier to go through in "Even Sharper Spears"
As requested: A complete overhaul of "Pit Trap"
Changed the Green/Jungle Trinket location
Changed the drop in "Z-nth Man Trap"
Named the Bonus Room as - Bonus Room
Shifted the Checkpoint to align more in Bonus Room
Added a check point so you can't go back after the warning in the final room (if you go for the trinket).


Hey everyone! I decided to try out the level editor and this is what I came up with in about 3 days worth of level building. It's a 7x7 map, but it feels a little bigger than that! It has a moderate difficulty, I expect that those who play this have already beaten the game!  :viridian:

I made this level around just the basic VVVVVV storyline feel and functionality. I personally like how it came out, I didn't try to do anything special or new, but what I came up with for some of the rooms was a little creepy, crazy and fun  :viridian:!

Anyway, here are some screenshots ^ ^

It's a version 1.0 right now, if there are any bugs or anything let me know here on the forums, I'll fix them as soon as I can!


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