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VVVVVV / VVVVVV 3DS to launch next week
December 24, 2011, 08:12:43 PM
For 160% of its Steam price.

Maybe it has some cool stuff in it? Maybe stereoscopic 3D is a hassle to develop? Maybe it's Nicalis always looking for ways to make money?

Maybe it's because VVVVVV's original asking price was 15$?
VVVVVV / Level Editor Bugs and Requests
August 08, 2011, 11:38:54 PM
The Unofficial VVVVVV Level Editor Bug Report and Feature Request Center - Now 100% more organized!

-*Maybe a warning if people have leaks more than 3 spaces tall / 2 spaces wide to help fight leaks
-Occasional bug in which the letterbox for cutscenes appears, and persists for the rest of the level (Likely related to moving out of the script box's range and scripting errors)
-There is no character select (A serious crime)
-Certain enemies and props are missing (Which is normal)
-"if" commands (and possibly everything in scripts except for say and reply sections) interpret the script names as lowercase and without spaces, so they don't work if referencing a script with spaces or with uppercase letters.
-Large say and reply commands sometimes don't show up.

-Wrapped screens break spikes

-Reverse Quicksand
-destroy(platforms) is broken
-Disappearing platforms don't block moving ones
-Moving platforms don't block moving platforms
-Wrapped screens break moving platforms
-Colliding vertical and horizontal moving platforms apparently cause a bug
-Having a conveyer tile in the top left corner of a screen negates all spike damage

-"If you place a horizontal gravity line at the very top or very bottom of the screen, you'll flip into the next screen."

-Disappearing warp tokens

-Disable "M" turning off sound while scripting or change it entirely
-Custom content (Enemies; map props)
-Character selection
-Different colored textboxes
-Ability to rotate spikes against different walls (If two or more walls are involved)
-Fire once script command
-Tweakable platform/enemy speed
-Twitching Letters in roomnames (Gvnsmoke 1966)
-Bosses (Stompable?)
-Horizontally scrolling rooms
-Characters oriented horizontally (Flip from left wall to right wall, change control scheme)
-"Power up" items (Like scripted invincibility, a "double flip", SHOES, etc.)
-Additional moods (Like you see in the emoticons here)

-Backing for all tile sets
-Combining tilesets (Like the dead ends near the warpzone)
-Backing and spikes on the same tile
-Spike color
-Gray tileset

>-Scriptable crewmates which don't have to be saved who are able to:
-Land on platforms
-Be killed by spikes and enemies
-Walk along with the captain (like in the intermissions and after you find them)
-Be taken off screen
-Be put on screen
-Changeable moods
-Change colors
-Be affected by warp direction

-Alternate goals in general
-Script to immediately end level

-Script to start and stop platforms

"I have a fairly simple GUI request that I hope Terry sees so I'm making the font bigger. I'm finding it hard to draw straight lines in fullscreen mode without a mouse cursor onscreen. Currently I'm getting a block movement cursor which is quite unpredictable and leads to a lot of rubbing out and correcting when trying to make straight lines!"