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VVVVVV Levels / DSS Ideal X (v2)
« on: August 19, 2011, 09:56:40 am »
Hi! I finally overcame writer's block and finished my level!

It's 10x10-ish. It's not terribly hard, so despite the larger size as far as custom levels go, it shouldn't take that long to run through. The GOAL was to go middle-of-the-road with the difficulty, somewhere in the same ballpark as the original game's, but I may have undershot it in some areas and overshot it in others (the split corridor and final area in particular). Lemme know if you hit a room that unreasonably socks you in the face.

There's kind of a stock plot in there, but it's pretty loose and not a whole lot is explained. It was more of a shell for me to play with pacing and scripting. Feel free to fill in the gaps with your favorite sci-fi tropes!

Here are some pictures, if that's your kind of thing:

Okay that's enough stalling, linky time: > download this sucker < (version 2).

If you're still here, here are couple of known issues:

Out of Phase is more aggravating than I intended it to be. There's a timing difference between moving platforms bouncing off walls and bouncing off the bounding box, which is why there's that gap on the bottom to keep everything synced. Sucks really hard to land on that shelf. Also, I'd like it if the vertical platform were four tiles over to the left so none of the paths overlapped, but that's only possible at the moment by adding walls, and that would screw up the design.

Missile Command falls victim to the moving-platforms-in-a-warp-room bug. The ghost platforms shouldn't make the room any easier, but they might mess with your first flip.

Also here is a changelog for people with lots of free time:

Version 2
  • Easier: Power of the Press/Beeline, Gravitation (well, I think so at least).
  • Swapped Gravitation and Wandering Ghosts.
  • Three of the trinket rooms used to lock you in, so there was no way to exit until you got the trinket. They're supposed to be optional, so that's no good. Added a way out to each so you can bail out at the beginning if you want.
  • Added a hint to Moat about hitting the R key to respawn if you fall while trying to cross the gap in Crossing. There used to be spikes there if you wanted to suicide, but it's better this way.
  • Swapped the enemy types of Crossing and Exchange and moved Crossing's right gate enemies a little bit. Turns out that, if you were pixel perfect, you could flip up from Moat, land on the exact corner of the ledge, and sneak by the enemies!
  • Sprinkled in a few extra sad faces to some exchanges. Emotion is good!

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