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VVVVVV / Invincibility Records
« on: November 06, 2011, 02:28:27 pm »

So there is a thread for the Super Gravitron Records, but how about the main game? or even more, how about clearing the whole game with INVINCIBILITY ?
Too easy? Go ahead, post your times !
I did a quick play-through just to get a screenshot, but this thread is to more show.

Your best Time at clearing the game using Invincibility.
Trust me, is very fun X3

If you believe this thread has no purpose, then lock or close, but I think Clearing the game using Invincibility is VERY fun.

VVVVVV / Tutorial - How to ZIP your levvvvvvels
« on: September 12, 2011, 01:52:26 am »
Allright, let's tackle the most common problem while posting your LEVVVVVVVEL on the forums.

-- Zipping and You --  :viridian:
Making a ZIP file will make big files into tiny small files!
You can make any VVVVVV level attachable to the Forums if you use a ZIP folder.
How to do it? Here is how and screenshots will be provided to help you (In case you don't know how)

1.- Make your VVVVVV level and save it!

2.- Let's head over to our folder where all the VVVVVV levels are ! (User Created Levels)


3.- Right click any empty space and click on "New" then "New Compressed (Zipped) Folder"

4.- Now we have our brand new ZIP folder. Name it and make sure to leave the .zip extension so for example you could name your ZIP  " "
Let's  click on your level, and drag it to the ZIP folder. The system will automaticly compress the file and make it VEEERY small so you can post it on the forums!


See, it's small!!

5.- Now that you have your new level made, and compress let's go to the forums and make your new thread on the VVVVVV levels sub-forum!

Click on "New Topic" and you will find a screen like this!

Click on the + button where  "Attachment and other options" is, and you'll find more options.
You will also see "Attach" !

Click on " Choose File " and find the file on whatever place you saved your ZIP folder.
If you have followed this tutorial, it should be on
(Reminder: replace waimakemedothis with your username or simply go to My Documents)
After that's done, click on "Post" and the Topic along with the ZIP will be created.

Keep in mind that while most of user-created levels are less than 128KB , you may have a level that even compressed will be over 128KB. If this is is the case, then feel free to upload it on a sharing host website like DropBox for example.

Thank you for helping us, help you , help us all.

By: xTwoTails   :verdigris:, PJBottomz :vermillion:, Inventive Dispenser :vitellary: and Terry  :viridian:

VVVVVV Levels / Little Adventure - Updated
« on: August 08, 2011, 04:24:42 am »
Well, so this is my first Stage made with this game!  :viridian:

There is one thing that's missing, and they're scripts. There is no text in the whole game, but I will add them when they finish the Tutorial on how to do that stuff. But for now, it's mostly a W.I.P . Main reason of posting here is to get feedback on what to change and what are you guys opinion.
Stage is very small, but I wanted to give small challenges and at the same time having fun~ I hope I achieved that!

--< I picked up the Critism from users here, thank you very much you all! >--
I've modified the stage (it's a bit easier) to make it better. Names were altered and I'll make a log of the changes below , along with screenshots.

--- Updated File has been attached to the Post ---

-- Changes Log --

-Modified most of the names of each room.
-Added a floor to rooms that didn't had floor.
-Took out most of the Gravity Lines (I really love them, but I went too happy with it XD )
-Made the Level mode doable , but keeping some Hard Surprises.
-Playground was modified but left as is, because there will be dialog when a player reaches that room. (not much purpose tho)
-Took care of some "accidental" glitches and bugs in my own stage.
-"Just Like Simon's Quest : Empty " now has a floor < castlevania reference > , the room above that still has a Castlevania Reference for those that didn't caught it at first.

<-- Updated Screenshots -->

Before: inb4AVGN  / Now: "Patience is a Virtue" was modified, and also the Trinket was removed but with the addition of CheckPoints due to PlayTesters finding frustrating and boring at trying this room.

Before: "Rescue Princess Peach: 9000 time" / Now: Synchronized Rehearsal. Yes, the Crew-mate was intended to be stuck. Dialog will be added to explain (silly scene really)

Before: Why you all get lost! 3:<  /  Now: Platforming is where is at!
I added an extra block of wall in between the conveyors. PlayTesters found themselves annoyed that they couldn't complete the jump.

Before: My harp is made out of mews / Now: ByPass The Security
I took down most of the gravity lines (I'm obsessed with them XD) , then added 3 enemies , which made the room a whole lot easier but the room is much more smooth than it was before.

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