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VVVVVV / Re: VVVVVV Records: No Death Mode, Super Gravitron, Time Trials
« on: August 22, 2019, 04:05:32 pm »
Hey. This is a bit unrelated to this topic, but I just want to let you know that, the ArchiVVVVVVe contains very few levels compared to what this forum really has (After more than 8 years). As an quickly made estimation, there's pretty much over 800+ different customs to play here (Granted, with greatly variance in quality, and downloading levels may become tedious after a while), compared to the mere 170 from that compilation pack. So be sure to check out for more :viridian:

Thanks a lot - I'll look out for them!

I've still got quite a way to go with what I've already downloaded, though...

VVVVVV Levels / Re: Thoughts on Back to VVVVVV
« on: August 21, 2019, 05:06:35 pm »
I know it's a fairly old thread, but I couldn't help but admire this level; I've just finished it, and the whole thing simply blew me away!

One of the most polished and advanced levels out there - it gave the feeling of playing a revamped version of the original game.  I guess that's what FIQ was going for, and it was executed immaculately!

VVVVVV / Re: VVVVVV Records: No Death Mode, Super Gravitron, Time Trials
« on: August 21, 2019, 04:54:45 pm »
Hey, congrats! Getting all of the achievements in this game is... rather hard. Not a lot of people can say they 100%ed the game, so... congrats!

Also, not a lot of people are on here anymore--everyone's mostly just on the Discord server. Activity here is always welcome, though!!

Hi!  Thanks for coming back to me, and also for the heads-up about the Discord server.

I must admit that I'm someone who likes to revisit old games after a while, to see if I can do any better; I never would've expected to go this far though!  I've recently downloaded the entire ArchiVVVVVVe to play all of the user-levels; I hadn't previously given much thought as to what I would do after No Death Mode...

VVVVVV / Re: VVVVVV Records: No Death Mode, Super Gravitron, Time Trials
« on: August 09, 2019, 04:31:30 pm »
Oh, I felt so deflated two days ago: after finally getting past the Gravitron for my first time ever in a no-death run, it all came apart when I reached "Please Enjoy These Repeats" in the Final Level (a fairly easy screen, I know).

Today was the second time I managed to get there; and, after almost making exactly the same mistake, and with my heart pounding as I reached "Heaven's Gate", then ascended "The Final Challenge", I'm thrilled to say that I can finally put this game to bed - with seven trinkets in tow!

I know it's nearly a decade since the game's initial release, and most of the hype surrounding it has died down a lot now, but it's still one of my biggest personal achievements in gaming: all 19 trophies in VVVVVV.  I can upload video evidence if anyone wants to see it, but I doubt many people even read these pages anymore, so I'll just wait until someone requests it.

Terry, you won't be involved in a chainsaw attach by me any time soon; that's one fewer person to have to worry about...

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