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I would have deleted my original post and question, but incase anyone runs into the problem I did, I will leave this here for now...

I installed some freeware network software called Hamachi on both a PC and a Mac..
I then started a new server within Hamachi on the PC, and it then gave me a new IP address beginning with 5.192.x etc

I got the Mac to join that server on the new IP address, and then when I start the game, just use the new IP as opposed to my normal and it works!!

I hope this may help anyone wanting to play this AWESOME game!!
At a distance / Problems connecting to the Right Brain!!
December 07, 2011, 08:52:30 PM
Hey Terry,
Firstoff, LOOOOVE the dithered look of the game its gorgeous, and ive been waiting a long time to play this.
Windows firewall is off, and I've tried connecting to my friends' Mac as a server, and then vice versa. but no  luck so far connecting :(

When I enter the IP address and click 'connect as client' there is no response at all from the computer, or any sign whatsoever that it is pending. And just to confirm, the host computer has no problem at all starting as the host...

Should playing via ethernet cable be any easier.. to try this, do we need to use a different IP / port address??

Thanks man.