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they must mean the main final level, that you go in with normal play. if you play a time trial run of the level, it doesnt play the remix.
the only games from the e-shop that have got updates so far are VC and 3D Classics  :victoria:

i may make a video showing the normal level and the time trial later...

time trial and normal game differences :D!

Yeah, they are saying that the remixed music played normally for them when they got to the Final Level in the normal game. When I played through it though, it was the normal version of the song, not the remix, until I decided to fool around and backtrack. When I later went to record the song, I used the Time Trial as it was a faster way to the Final Level, and as you stated, the Time Trial requires backtracking.

Frustratingly, this wasn't intended as an "Easter egg" - just a new song for the final level. Somewhere clearly went wrong in the version Nicalis submitted to Nintendo. :victoria:

Hmm. Several people have commented on the youtube page I linked, saying that for them the remix plays for them immediately when they get to the Final Level, so maybe Nicalis quietly put out a fix at some point? I downloaded the game on the eShop the day it released, so if they did update/fix it after that, it would explain why it's 'hidden' for me and not for others (though it wouldn't explain why the eShop says there is no update for any of my games).

Side-note to Terry: I was excited to see VVVVVV made it to Minecon, I got to try it there for the first time in 3D and was amazed (and knew I would be buying it again, hehe), but didn't get a chance to bump into you. Also, I don't think I Streetpassed you, either (that was your 3DS, right?).  :victoria:


Nah, just good ol Stereo sound.

Also, you can get back to the Final Level any time by using the Time Trial mode. Puts you right at the start of it, easy to trigger the song from there, no need for the extra card.

Nope, it's not included in "PPPPPPowerup!", but it is going to be part of the new album releasing on the game's 2 year anniversary.

When I first noticed it I was playing the game with my GF in the room with me and immediately commented "hmm, the song changed" to her cause it was something new. After I finished the game, I went back and made a pretty bad quality recording of it using a patch cable from the headphone jack to my computer.

I uploaded it to youtube the day after the game came out:


VVVVVV / Hidden remix of Predestined Fate in the 3DS version of VVVVVV
« on: January 01, 2012, 11:17:58 pm »
Happy New Year all!

Just wanted to say here that the 3DS version of VVVVVV is awesomesauce, I grabbed it the second I realized it was released here in the US on the eShop and played through it immediately.

In doing so, I found a hidden remix of Predestined Fate that rocks!  :viridian:

To get it to play, you have to get to the Final Level, start to play through it (at least one screen), then backtrack to the start of the level (who in their right mind backtracks during the Final Level? I dunno why I decided to mess around and go back, but I'm glad I did! :vermillion:). The normal version of Predestined Fate will fade away and the remix will start.

Souleyte tweeted that it will be released in his new album coming next week. I can't wait!.


I had previously gotten all 20 in my original playthrough, but my flash cache had gotten wiped, so there went my original gamesave.  I forgot to mention that in my original post though, sorry about that. :victoria:

No big loss, cause I loved going through the game, and intended to do it again anyway. :viridian: So essentially I was starting over from complete scratch with no save files, that's why the Jukebox didn't 'remember' that I already had 20 trinkets before.

I don't think I forgot to mention anything else, except that I got the game on Steam, which shouldn't make a difference cause the version number is the same, right?

Attaching my current save files, if you want to take a look for yourself. Load it up and go talk to Victoria, she'll give you the 20th trinket, everyone goes to the Secret Lab right after. Can't save manually in the Lab of course, and there are no Teleporters to trigger a save either. When ya exit to the menu (the only way to leave the Secret Lab that I know of? Or did I completely miss something somewhere?) and hit continue to resume the game, it still says that only 19 trinkets were found.

I just gave the game another go through, and noticed that I was able to get the game to where I cannot save the game with all 20 trinkets.

Playing through this time, I collected 19 trinkets and beat the game, having the 20th one being the one that you get in the ship from Victoria (Verdigris doesn't give it to you in this situation). Since I had forgotten to pick up that one, I continued the game after beating it, and went to talk to Victoria, intending to save the game with the trinket and then to go listen to the Jukebox.

So Victoria DOES give me the 20th trinket..

But immediately afterward, the cutscene that brings you to the Secret Lab kicks in. At this point, you cannot save the game, and you cannot warp back to the ship to listen to the Jukebox either. Quitting and selecting Continue to resume the game will just load up the gamesave with 19 trinkets again so you can do this all over again and still not be able to save the game with 20 trinkets collected.

I know that I can just unlock all the songs for the Jukebox through the option menu, but I shouldn't have to resort to that, even in this situation IMHO. Luckily I can just beat the game again and get all 20 this time to fix it.


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