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« on: March 29, 2010, 11:44:23 am »
I like what you did to the map.  It is way more obvious now to tell what room I'm in.
And movement is way better.
Thanks for the feedback Shasharala! I thought the green squares would be suitably noticeable :viridian:

There are a few issues I'm noticing though.

For one thing in Test Room 6 on the right for crewmate testing when I land near one the game fails to respond for about 30 seconds before bringing me to the beginning screen to choose between test lavels or video 2 levels.
Oh wow, that definitely shouldn't be happening! I changed the message code for terminals and souvenirs yesterday, so I probably messed it up then (they all use a lot of the same code). I'll check that out when I get home.

For another I've noticed that with the rotation lines it is possible to get trapped inside a diamond of those rotation lines just flipping around.  Not sure if it's something that can be fixed or if diamond rotation lines are just to be avoided.  Also it's possible to escape this with some fancy maneuvering but it's annoying.  If a video is needed just say so.
Ah yes! Whooops. That bug has been in since the beginning. I've been meaning to fix it for a while, but never quite got round to it. I'll make sure it's sorted soon though - probably tonight!

Well, that's all I can think of for now.

A preference would be to possibly get fullscreen to actually expand the game screen itself, but of course that is not necessary as I remember you saying you had issues with test stretching or something.

Thanks Robson for being so timely on this stuff.  :viridian:
That's okay! I'm going to have a play with the fullscreen mode and see if I can get the game to expand accordingly. When I tried before it looked awful, but I'll have another go. Might need to rethink the rotation code though, because rotating the entire screen could be very slow...

« on: March 28, 2010, 05:29:32 pm »
Thanks for your reply, The Brass. I've made the following changes to the game:

* Terminal messages now pause the game, like the souvenir messages.
* The game timer is paused whilst viewing the terminal and souvenir messages.
* Terminal and souvenir message now display "(press space to continue)" after the message.

* The rotation display can now be controlled via the settings.ini file and I've changed a lot of the rotation code. It can be set to:
  * Normal - Shows rotation at 10, 20, 30 ... 80 degrees, with a 0.1 second interval. (max cpu before optimising: 49%, max cpu after optimising: 28%)
  * Light - Shows rotation at 30 and then 60 degrees, with a 0.2 second interval. (max cpu before optimising: 26%, max cpu after optimising: 10%)
  * Disabled - No graphical effect. The game just rotates straight away. (n/a - no noticeable change to cpu usage)
* The game timer is paused during the rotation effect. It didn't need to be paused before, but now rotation takes different amounts of time.

* If a moving platform moves you into another moving platform, you just fall off, rather than being killed.

I've compiled a new version and linked it in the first post.

I definitely agree with you and Terry that collision with spikes is less than perfect. I'm trying to figure out a way that doesn't involve a ton of special rules for situations.

« on: March 27, 2010, 04:56:30 pm »
Oh wow! This is so much better :) Yes, this movement speed is perfect!
Excellent :viridian: Thanks for checking it out!

It appears to have highlighted two little bugs, though:

 - You've got a key-held tunnel bouncing issue (actually, the early versions of VVVVVV had this too) - i.e. in a narrow tunnel, if you hold up or down, you keep bouncing between the floor and the roof. This can cause a problem in a very narrow tunnel where you can overpress a button and end up bouncing right back to the surface you flipped away from.
Ahh I get what you mean. I intentionally wrote in the continuous bouncing, but your way makes a lot more sense. I've modified the code to work like that, so it's no longer possible to accidentally bounce back.

- I keep hitting spikes which were to my right while falling as I moved right, even though I feel like I should have narrowly missed them. I think there might be a collision problem. ALTERNATIVELY, maybe there isn't, but it could just be that the grid snap thing causes me to get the timing wrong when moving around corners. I dunno. Maybe it's something I'd get used to.

I think this might be because vertical movement is done before horizontal movement.

For example, if you're falling and on the red square and press right, at the next movement event you would move down and then right - into the spike.

If you're falling and on the yellow square and press right, at the next movement event you would move down and then right - into empty space.

However, you should probably only die if you press right whilst on the yellow square. I think this is going to be tricky to change, but I'll have a go...

Edit: That turned out a bit easier than I was expecting! I've uploaded a new version. Would you mind trying that out and seeing if it's better or worse? In the new version you'd only die if you pressed right whilst in the yellow square.

When this gets a little closer to completion, I totally plan to make a level for it! :viridian:
Haha that would be ironic! I'd have to change my biggest selling point from "Includes music by SoulEye" to "Includes music by SoulEye and content by Terry Cavanagh" !!

« on: March 27, 2010, 01:17:25 pm »
I've uploaded a new version to the first post, which has the changes I listed above and a tweaked movement/speed system. I think I've fixed all the problems that people have reported and done the suggestions. All the suggestions about room design I'll be using for the real levels.

Please let me know if you made a suggestion or reported a bug, which hasn't been done/fixed. I think I've done everything, but potentially something might work correctly on my computer, but not on another computer.

Got some questions for you guys:


90 degrees turns makes CPU go 100% for a few seconds.
I've made a couple of changes to the rotation code, which might help this. After I finished writing this I'm going to break out my Windows 98 computer and test the game on that.


I think possibly the whole thing could be a bit faster - I was worried that my version was running a bit slow, but when I checked the video it's about the same.

... Actually, the game speed is probably fine, I think it's more that the character speed seems a mite slow in comparison. The controls do feel a little stiff to me, I'm not sure why. Making the character faster might make it feel more responsive.
The character now runs twice as fast! Going from this version to the old version definitely makes me realise how slow it was before.

I've added a couple of debug keys into the game. Pressing d will make the game a little bit faster and press shift+d will make the game a little bit slower. You can press these as many times as you like. Would you mind testing that out and letting me know what feels right? Thanks Terry.

The Brass

-Terminals in wrong orientations unreadable! Nearby rotators turn these into nice puzzles, though, so nothing bad.
I've been trying to locate this bug, but I can't find it. Could you describe this in a bit more detail? How do I replicate it?

The rest is up to preference and design plans, I guess.
It sounds like you might have some more suggestions here? I'd love to hear them.

« on: March 24, 2010, 10:55:05 pm »
Modifying the movement and speed is going to take a little while to get right, so I need to spend longer on that.

I've changed lots of other things though:

* The map+stats screen can now be accessed by pressing Escape, Enter, P or M.
* Added a settings.ini file, which allows you to change a few of the things in YYYYYY. Currently it gives a lot of control over the background effect and allows the souvenir symbol to be changed.
* Changed the souvenir symbol to be §.
* Fixed messages from souvenirs and terminals appearing in the wrong place in fullscreen mode.
* Rearranged the rooms from the first video into a new campaign. The new campaign gets rid of any rooms with duplicate features and makes the rooms a lot more accessible. This should make it a lot easier for me and you guys to test out the game objects.
* Made respawning a lot faster.
* For debugging, pressing d will make the game slightly faster and press shift+d will make the game slightly slower.
* Also for debugging, press r will rotate the current level by 90 degrees left and pressing shift+r will rotate 90 degrees right.

I'm going to be out tomorrow night and Friday night, but I'll get more stuff sorted over the weekend and upload a new version.

Edit on Thursday night:

Got a little bit of time before I'm off to sleep:
* Map displays in the same rotation as the game.
* Joystick can be disabled in the settings.ini file. This is just in case it causes unforeseen problems.
* Made the current room more obvious on the map.
* Disabled everything when a souvenir message is displayed.

Edit on Friday night:

Back from the cinema and got a bit of time available:
* Fixed two bugs with dissolving tiles.
* Made some changes to the rotation code, which might make it less processor intensive.
* When the player dies all the game objects stop moving.
* Playing the game at midnight will no longer mess up all the timers.

« on: March 24, 2010, 08:05:32 pm »
Yeah, it was Tunnel of love that the paths weren't working! I tried it again in the conveyor test room and it works as intended.

Also, I found, quite by accident, a way to create new levels without the level editor itself. I accidentally copied a folder into the YYYYYY directory, and it showed up on the main menu. Obviously since it didn't have any of the level data, it wouldn't load a map, but if one would create levels following the structure in your settings.ini file, they could easily create rooms in Notepad that would translate to actual rooms in the game. I found this, but havn't gotten to try it yet - I get off class in a few hours and will have time to try to create a room or two in Notepad.
Aye :viridian: Sometimes it can be useful to edit the rooms in notepad, because the level editor can't do everything. For example, I often want to move a load of tiles up by one place, so I just open notepad and cut+paste them up. I've removed the common dialog control from the editor and compiled a new version. It's in the the first post. If that doesn't work for you I'll make you a proper installer.

I'm about to start making some big changes to the way movement and speed works, so you might want to wait until all that has settled down, before making any levels. The level editor is rather confusing to use, because I've never distributed it before. I'll make a video guide once I've finished the YYYYYY engine, but you're welcome to ask any questions.

« on: March 24, 2010, 01:01:19 pm »
Wow, you guys are officially fantastic! This is a massive amount of feedback and it's all very useful. Thank you!! :viridian:

I'm on my lunch break, so I'll reply now and then I'll be able to work on these things tonight.

The Brass

-Running speed too slow
-Moving platforms outrunning player is irritating.

-If I try to move by doing a single tap in the air, it often fails to work/lags a bit. Does the movement limit run on a "modulo height" system, or "recharge" system?
I definitely need to do something about this, so I'll make this my main priority. The game works like this:

A timer runs every 75 milliseconds.
When the timer runs:
  Platforms and word enemies move one square.
  If the player is in the air, they will move up or down.
  A counter is increased by 1. If it hits 4 it is reset to 0. So it continually loops through 0, 1, 2 and 3.
  If the counter is 0, the game checks to see if the player is on a direction tile. If they are, they are moved left or right.
  If the counter is 1 or 3, the game checks to see if the player is holding the left/right keys (or they have tapped the left/right key, but not moved left/right yet) and then moves them accordingly.

Perhaps a potential solution to the 'slow running speed', "outrunning platforms' and "faster vertical speed' issues would be:

Run the timer every 100 milliseconds.
When the timer runs:
  Word enemies move by one square.
  If the player is in the air, they will move up or down.
  Check to see if the player is holding the left/right keys (or they have tapped the left/right key, but not moved left/right yet) and then move them accordingly.
  Counter works in the same way.
  If the counter is 1 or 3, platforms move by one square.
  Direction tiles work in the same way.

I don't have the game with me at the moment, so I can't test this out. I'll try it tonight, along with other combinations.

 -Backgrounds are unnecessary and distracting, especially when mixed with the dissolving %s.
I like the backgrounds, but I can understand how they could be distracting. I'll test making them darker, using “o” or “.” instead, and making them move at half the speed. If I include the backgrounds, I'll make sure there's a way to turn them off.

-Rotation makes it hard to navigate.
Rotation puzzles are nice. The mechanic is fun when kept to one room, problematic when it effects others.
-Map does not follow rotation.
Great idea - I'll make the map rotate. I think in the real levels the rotation would be restricted to one or a very small number of levels at a time. Hopefully that combined with the rotating map would fix the navigation issue? I'll also make sure rotation doesn't mess up other rooms.

-Certain rooms, give me a Y, unbeatable on certain rotations.
-Rooms seem to have a lot of useless space at times, for example south. Testing would explain this, though.
-Partial side wraps (Direction square check, ESPECIALLY east) confusing.

It's great to know these things and I'll take them into account when I design the real rooms. The vast majority of the rooms in this version were simply created to test out parts of the engine, so there's all manner of weirdness and a lot of rooms got butchered around to test out new things. They're not designed to be played like a finished game.

-Checkpoint from north to gmay kills player if no action is taken from respawn. In general, checkpoints that make you move after respawn are annoying.
Agreed! For the real levels I'm going to place checkpoints in safe places.

-Yen looks like a spike. More flashing?
I'll have a look at other characters and try to find something suitable. I chose the yen symbol because it looks a bit like a trophy.

-Pause button?! Map button?! Oh, esc. Put it on enter and P too.
Good idea - will do.

-Terminals in wrong orientations unreadable! Nearby rotators turn these into nice puzzles, though, so nothing bad.
Ahh I must have missed this. I'm not aware of this bug. I'll have a play around tonight and try to find it.

-Souvenirs freeze controls, but not movement, potentially even killing you.
That's bad! Thanks for spotting that. I'll make sure it gets fixed.

-In fact, conveyors in the tunnel of love are unoutrunnable too.
Whooops, I forgot to say that the tunnel of love is set to one-switch mode, so right and left are disabled. I'd make this obvious in the real game.

-Death should freeze everything, ala Mad Carew.
I like the way the world carries on after the player dies, but I'll change that if you feel strongly about it.

-If I run holding left/right, then flip without letting go, I will only move once in the start.
-It appears that if I start holding left/right in the air, I start as slow and get faster later. That's unpleasant too.

I'll investigate these and figure out what's going on.

-Fullscreen just adds black to the sides. The game itself won't increase in size.
I tried increasing the font-size, but I didn't like how it looked. So I kind of settled for fullscreen allowing for a bigger map and removing any distractions behind the window. I'll have another play around with it and try to get something working.

Rotation-Inversionplane puzzles are fun too. The fact that the inversionplane changes it's attribute when you rotate is a nice touch.
Glad you like it! I'm looking forward to making rooms with rotation.

360 controller works fine. Beep plays.
Excellent :viridian:

On the other hand, rooms like Give me a Y can be used to prevent players  from proceeding on a certain rotation. However, in these cases make a rotator easily accessible, not behind a deadly room like North.
I'll make sure I do that.

The rest is up to preference and design plans, I guess.
Thank you again for the feedback. This is seriously useful to me.


Finally!  Some hands on playing with the game!

Well, for starters it looks awesome.

Thanks for your feedback!

I get the beep.
Sounds like everyone is getting the beep – that's a relief! My main feature is “Includes music by SoulEye” :viridian:

Everything is as responsive as should be.
I don't feel anything needs to be sped up or slowed down and I don't really feel the background is distracting... but alas maybe others will feel otherwise.

I'm thinking it would be best to include an on/off switch for the background. That way everyone will be happy. Perhaps I'll include a third option of a “subtle background”, which would be less obvious than the current background.

I've noticed in fullscreen mode that if a souveneir  is picked up then the box that says you picked it up doesn't surround the words. ( see screenshot: )
Well spotted there. I'll make sure I fix that.

Also, if the map could show what room one is currently in by highlighting it somehow, that would be great.
The current room should be highlighted in yellow, but it's rather a subtle effect. I'll make it more obvious.


Hey Robson, got to play the game a bit this evening. First and foremost, its' got great potential and is already a fun game to play - and will obviously only get better with time.

Thanks Requiem!

Moving on to glitches and criticism, because this is the "fun" part !
Glitches? We like to call them “undocumented features” :viridian:

A. On "The Harsh Mistress" - Occasionally (Not EVERY TIME, but frequently) when you fall UP from the left side, the several "A" spikes will register that you hit them when you are in the space to their left. This might just be input lag from telling the player to go right, and releasing it too late, but its just slightly irritating. Nothing major, and is probably just input lag.

To reproduce: Fall upwards from the left side, and snuggle against the bottom left block of #'s, release "Right" button, and see if it registers you hitting the spike.

This is great, because I'm awful at that room and now I have something to blame it on! I'll take all this into account when I play around with the speed/movement controls.

B. More a complaint than a glitch - Movement speed. It seems that the player moves sluggishly. I timed the speed - he moved horizontally 17 "pixels" or "blocks" in 2.6 seconds, which equates to about 1 pixel every .15 seconds. He moved vertically 20 pixels in 1.5 seconds, which is 1 pixel every .075 seconds. The inconsistency leads you to see that the person is moving horizontally slower than he falls vertically - which is just kind of interesting. (Tested on "Two Roads Diverged and I took them Both" by running horizontally into the spike and falling vertically into the spikes above). This leads to that weird stagger effect of falling diagonally, as well.
Excellent timing! That is exactly right. Having the player fall faster than they can run is intentional, because I thought that would be more realistic and easier to write levels. However, a lot of people are saying that the running speed is too slow, so I definitely need to do something about that. I'm going to play around with that tonight and get a system that works.

C. Movement speed Part 2 - Moving Pathways. This is a double problem - 1. Pushing towards the tide of the pathway doesn't increase the movement speed, or, if it does, it is unnoticeable, and 2. Pushing away from the tide of the pathway results in zero movement. Comparing to V's conveyor belts, you can drastically speed your person up by moving with the tide, and you can still fight the current to move against them.
That's weird. It shouldn't be working like that? It should work like VVVVVV. I'll investigate this.

OH WAIT! Is that on the tunnel of love? That level is set to one-switch mode, so left and right are disabled. Sorry, I should have written that in the notes.

D. This one made me sad. The level editor doesn't open for me. It gives me the error "Component 'comdlg32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid".
Whoops. I added the common dialog control and then didn't use it! Removing that control should fix your problem, so I'll do that when I get home and then upload a new version.

Will update as I get to play more tomorrow!
Thanks for your feedback!

« on: March 23, 2010, 11:24:59 pm »
That was quick! Thanks guys :viridian:

Dizzy effect is surely dizzy. It's giving me a headache.
Oh dear... I was planning to make a campaign with a theme of rotating ::)

90 degrees turns makes CPU go 100% for a few seconds.
I'll have a look into this and try to make it better. Does it make the game difficult to play after rotating?

I can't make an up-left flip here. No matter how fast i try to press left i get impaled by that upper Y

Haha brilliant! I've never been in that room with it rotated. The test levels were created individually with very little thought to the surroundings. Mostly it went like "Ahh, I've written in platforms, so I'll shove in a couple of rooms with loads of platforms!". When I create the real rooms I'll make sure they work correctly if they're rotated.

This is awesome! I didn't have much luck with the first set of levels but I managed to finish the second and get a B grade :)
Thanks Terry! Glad you like it :viridian:

The only bug I noticed was that going fullscreen seems to cause some distortion when you get a souvenir;
Whooops :vitellary: Thanks for letting me know about that.

I liked the way you had disappearing platforms as a complete dissolving mechanism
That's a very new addition - added it last night! I suddenly had an idea for a room, where there's a box in the middle that contains loads of words. The top of the box would be a dissolving platform and the player would have to carefully manoeuvre around the room and avoiding opening the box. The room would be called "Pandora's Box". I couldn't figure out a way to make it with the normal dissolving tiles, so I changed them to the mechanism way, which gave me loads of ideas for other rooms!

- and the new rotation wires are a good idea too :)
Oh god... the rotation wires! I stupidly thought that was going to be a quick thing to write in, but I was very very wrong..!! I'm really pleased that they're in and I'm looking forward to making lots of rooms with them, but I almost tore my hair out trying to get the game objects to work with rotation. Especially platforms. :'(

I think possibly the whole thing could be a bit faster - I was worried that my version was running a bit slow, but when I checked the video it's about the same.
Always the masochist :vermillion:

... Actually, the game speed is probably fine, I think it's more that the character speed seems a mite slow in comparison. The controls do feel a little stiff to me, I'm not sure why. Making the character faster might make it feel more responsive.
Ooo tricky... currently the player and all the objects run from the same code, because they need to work together. i.e. if the player is on a platform they need to move with the platform. So it would be very difficult to make one thing faster or slower without affecting everything else.

With the next development version I'll add some debug controls that increase or decrease the speed of everything. Would you mind trying that and seeing what feels right?

The restart speed feels a little slow too! That could probably be quicker.
Agreed! I'll reduce the time.

    * Anything else you'd like to say.


« on: March 23, 2010, 09:14:15 pm »
I've released the development version!!

If you'd like to try it out...

First of all, a massive thank you for testing the development version! :viridian: I've made a list of useful things that you could tell me, but any and all feedback is very much appreciated.
  • Does the game run for you? If not, you probably need the VB Library. This should be included with Windows 2000 and above.
  • Does the game run too slow or too fast for you? You could compare against the video.
  • Do the controls feel alright?
  • Did you find anything confusing about the menu or playing the game?
  • Anything that you liked or disliked?
  • Anything that you think should be improved or removed?
  • If you're running Linux, would you mind testing my game in Wine?
  • If you have an xbox 360 controller, could you try playing the game with that and let me know what you think.
  • A short "beep" sound plays when a campaign is started. Does it play for you? (no longer included)
  • Anything else you'd like to say.
I originally planned to have one big campaign, but I've changed my mind a bit. I'm now going to have lots of smaller campaigns with a different theme in each. I think this will be more fun to play and make the game more varied and memorable. Should also make speedrunning more accessible.

Potentially the game could change a lot between now and the real version, so I wouldn't recommend creating any levels just yet.

Last night I made some changes to the way dissolved tiles work. A "how and why" post will be coming soon!

All the code for the game is included in the ZIP file. It is 2875 lines of code and about 3 comments :vitellary:

The final version will have the beep replaced with music, courtesy of SoulEye. The beep is just for me to check that the sound works on other people's computers.

If you're playing the game at midnight, all the timers reset and go to something like -65535! :victoria: I'll fix this for the real version.

« on: March 23, 2010, 01:21:30 pm »
Oooo!  :viridian:
So it's finished already or an indev copy is what you'll be uploading?
Just an indev copy with test levels and the level editor :viridian: I'm hoping that people will give me feedback, which I can use to improve the game before it's properly released.

It's going to take me a while to make the real levels, because I have no experience with level design. I think it's going to be very interesting to design the levels, so I'm looking forward to this new challenge :viridian: Currently I'm doing some research, by reading articles (like Anna's level design lessons) and replaying 2d side-view puzzle/action indie games that I think have excellent level design (like VVVVVV, Redder and Starguard).

« on: March 22, 2010, 11:10:55 pm »
Thanks for your interest guys!

I'll upload the game here on Tuesday night and then add a new reply :viridian:

VVVVVV / Re: A VVVVVV wiki and fansite
« on: March 20, 2010, 09:20:02 pm »
Excellent idea! Off the top of my head I'd say:

* General info on the front page (author, genre, price, website, screenshot, forum link, demo link, description, etc, etc)
* Page for version history and patches
* List of reviews
* Soundtrack details
* Trinket locations
* Maps
* Speedrun tricks
* Trophy details
* Entertaining/funny/informative Youtube videos
* Tips for beginners
* List of demakes/tributes/prototypes
* Explanations for room names
* Bugs and workarounds
* Pages for notable rooms (screenshot, strategies, etc)

Lots of games have wikis on wikia, so that might be a good place? For example Spelunky and NetHack.

« on: March 20, 2010, 08:59:59 pm »
Steps 1 and 2 are done! I'll probably make a lot of tweaks and bug fixes over time, but for now I'm happy to move onto the next step. This means I'll be writing the campaigns :viridian:

I'd love to get your feedback on the current version of the game, so I'm thinking about posting it here or sending it to anyone that would like it. I'll include all my test levels and the level editor. What do you guys think?

New stuff:

* The entire game is now controllable with an xbox 360 controller. I'm not sure if other controllers will work and I'm completely awful with controllers, so it's difficult for me to work out if it feels right. Hopefully you guys will give me some feedback on that.

* It was reasonably easy to accidentally move after respawning at a checkpoint, so I've made a couple of changes which greatly reduce the chance of that.

* Improvements to platforms: (these things also affect word enemies, because they use the same code)
  * They can now wrap around rooms.
  * Rooms with platforms can be rotated.
  * Created a new invisible tile, which stops platforms and reverses their direction, but allows the player to move through.

* Added fmod, which is used to play music.

* Added a fullscreen mode, which keeps the playing area the same size, but the window fills the entire screen. This has a few advantages when playing:
  * Maps on the pause screen are a lot bigger.
  * Rotating shows the whole level.
  * There's no other distracting windows or desktop icons.

* Previously the background effect was stars in a very regular pattern, which didn't feel right for space. Now it uses the game of life rules to generate a pattern that constantly changes and moves across the screen. This is affected by rotating, so normally the stars go towards the right, but if the screen is rotated 180 degrees, they'll go the left.

* When the player obtains a souvenir there's a "nice" graphical effect :vitellary:

I love that pause screen with the map!
Man, everytime you post I just get more and more excited for the game!

I also added your website to my favorites.  :viridian:
Glad you like it! Here's the pause screen in fullscreen mode:

« on: March 16, 2010, 08:23:13 pm »
Bit of a progress update:

I've been super-busy improving the code and making sure things work correctly. The platform/word-enemy code has had a major revamp, which has significantly reduced the lines of code and speeded that up. I want to add a bit more functionality to them:

1. Allow them to wrap around the screen. So a platform that goes off the right side of the screen would appear on the left. DONE
2. Create invisible blocks that stop the platform and make it reverse direction. Currently platforms only reverse direction when they hit a wall or another platform. DONE
3. Allow horizontal platforms to go up and down.
4. Allow rotation with platforms DONE oh my god that was tricky

SoulEye has very kindly allowed me to use one of his tracks in the game, so I've spent many many hours figuring out the perfect track... and I've narrowed it down to six!

Previously entire campaigns could be set as one-switch (this disables left and right movement and only allows flipping), but I've changed this to be per-room instead. I can still set campaigns to be one-switch, but now individual levels can be as well. Should allow for some interesting puzzles...

I wasn't keen on how the status line looked and thought the "d:0/3 s:2/6 t:167/30" stuff could be confusing. I also didn't like that the map was on a separate screen. So I've fixed both problems by creating a new pause screen:

The map used to have a green line around the current room, but I think the yellow looks nicer.

The normal screen is a lot cleaner now:

I also finished my birthday present game, which is over here.

« on: March 06, 2010, 01:09:40 am »
It's been a good week! I've been busy fixing bugs, optimising, testing and generally tidying up the code. I've created some more levels and uploaded a new video. I'm writing a simple puzzle game as a birthday present for a friend, so I'll be spending most of the weekend on that.

Drop me a mail at souleye at gmail dot com and we'll work something out :)

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