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VVVVVV Levels / Speak for yourself.
February 10, 2017, 08:55:57 AM
Quote from: shiny k on February 09, 2017, 03:14:24 PM
why do script bars appear and a terminal sound plays when you turn into vermilion
you're doing this wrong
The hardest thing I have ever done is copy and paste a Gravitron.
VVVVVV Levels / Re: Extreme Danger!
February 08, 2017, 09:56:13 PM
VVVVVV Levels / Re: Extreme Danger!
February 08, 2017, 07:32:41 PM
Yeah, just noticed. Cool maze.
VVVVVV Levels / Re: Extreme Danger!
February 08, 2017, 07:23:31 PM
Why do I fear this will be a Kaizo-style level?
VVVVVV Levels / Re: A Level
February 08, 2017, 07:22:08 PM
Nice level, no doubt the best one of all the ones you posted.
February 08, 2017, 06:51:16 PM
There is no slope... Only a stair of blocks that cannot be gone through. Regardless of speed, the section is too small.
VVVVVV Levels / Re: The Ultra Gravitron
February 08, 2017, 06:49:18 PM
Please, Increase the number of checkpoints, the last room of the first row is incredibly hard.
VVVVVV Levels / Re: Abandoned Space Station
February 08, 2017, 06:48:33 PM
An interesting way to retool "A New Dimension" I guess.
February 08, 2017, 06:09:18 PM
My least favourite part is the room with "y z". You cannot progress further than that room.
VVVVVV Levels / Re: No Limits
January 26, 2017, 03:40:59 PM
It was and IS a good idea. But please, the impossibily hard rooms are best kept for the final challenges. And try to avoid cheap ways to kill like surprise spikes right after entering a room.
VVVVVV Levels / Re: No Limits
January 25, 2017, 12:20:05 PM
What's with people those days taking on to create kaizo levels? We should force a video-play from the owner on those levels...
VVVVVV Levels / Re: Adventure Incoming Released!
January 16, 2017, 07:54:38 AM
If you post the level, simply add it on "attachments" on the post. All you need is to compress it on a .zip file.
January 14, 2017, 05:16:29 PM
WAO. 60 deaths, 44 trying to get the first trinket. You outdone yourself in making insane luck-based trinket challenges.
January 08, 2017, 08:48:28 PM
What harsh criticysm?
I didn't even go on and do my classical AVGN-style review as usual on AAAAAA... mostly because I didn't find anything I could really complain about...
We will see if he lucks out again: (I'll review it tomorrow and edit the post. I have no time now)
EDIT: Flawless first section, then I get punished a little by the second's first room. "Bored" is, needless to say, boring to cross, and I stupidly got caught by both traps. THEN I had to restart by missing the second trinket.
I stupidly die twice on "Blocks" after a tough time on the same room as the first try, 11 deaths until i get to the red crewmate.
9 more Crossing "Balls". It overtook as the hardest room of the level.
I get a flawless run on the green crewmate section and then I stupidly press flip on the next room and have to restart the whole section. Lol. The last two rooms amped the death toll to 35.

Not bad, as the last level is short and simple. You could consider trying simple scripts on the next one to make puzzles.