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VVVVVV Levels / Re: My first level: maze
« on: March 30, 2019, 05:21:15 pm »
Alright, finished it. The hidden exit part wasn't as painful as I thought. Anyways, I keep what I say about this maze being very well put together, it's pretty impressive.

Here are the couple issues I mentionned earlier, found a couple others in the meantime. Nothing huge, but still :

(picture 1, left > right / up > down) 3-tiles vertical openings are known to be problematic sometimes - Viridian can't always enter them, depending on your position. There aren't a lot of them fortunately, but these two (Circled in red) are used many times over a playthrough. For example, in order to enter the left opening, you must use the moving platforms, and not like the actual ceiling / ground. Even worse with the right opening, you must come from the room above, and not from the ground. Anyways all this is to say that it would be good to make these one tile wider, so we can enter them with ease and not lose time.

(Pic 2) A bit of an oversight. In most of the small trinket sections, it looks like you usually put a checkpoint in front of the way before the trinket. This is to ensure the player has to beat the challenge in reverse afterwards. But this one probably was an oversight. It's possible to superimpose a cp and trinket onto the exact same position on Ved, and you can only touch both these at the same time... Unless if there is another checkpoint in the same room that the player uses, and if he presses R the frame before touching those overlapping objects. Which can happend in this room, so it may not be a good solution... unless you move the right checkpoint to the adjacent room, but that creates a new problem. Not a big deal either way.

(Pic 3) Upon first playthrough, I almost missed the script on the ground by entering the room from the ceiling.

(Pic 4) Small collision error, you can clip through the wall and move up. There are spikes above so this endeavour is useless, but it's here nonetheless.

(Pic 5 & 6 & 7) Relatively the biggest issue here. But once again, it's very minor and doesn't appear much elsewere. One thing these three rooms have in common, is that the moving entities are synchronised in such a way that, you'll have to wait a couple seconds for most of the attempts, which quickly gets annoying (Personally speaking). The solution is again pretty simple, mostly about moving the entities to other positions and testing the section's flow. It's a very common gameplay issue.

(Pic 8, last) I can't get back down from the top. This happened because I realised the left path was leading to a trinket, and thus attempted to go back. Truthfully it isn't that much of an issue, because it's required to go through that section a handful of times for completion, so there will other attempts. But it seems not tested. The whole portion could be displaced (Everything to be moved one tile down, and ennemies to be synchronised in order to make the descent possible), but that might not do good... Whatever happends :verdigris:


So yea, those are my thoughts. Definitely something worth playing, although it might not be for everyone. All good :viridian:

Thanks for the reply :)

I fixed the levels and solved the problem.

VVVVVV Levels / My first level: maze
« on: March 24, 2019, 09:09:50 pm »
Hello guys.
I'm new.

Maze is the first level (and maybe the last) level created.

I created this level using Ved.

This level contains some scripting and silly dialogues.

I'm not English, therefore there are some (many) grammar mistakes.
(I'm bad in my mother tongue too)

You must save all 6 (+1) crewmates and find the exit to complete the level.
The exit is hidden throughout the level.

Playtest (with 20 trinkets):
TIME:2 hrs

UPDATE 2019-03-30
Thanks to Balneor, I've made some improvements!  :)


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