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Current Version: 5.4
If you don't have any version number on the Chapter Selection Screen you also need to update!

A story about friends.

  • 5(!) chapters
  • An interesting story
  • A chapter selection screen
  • A lot of spikes, trinkets and people to save
  • Fun!

I put a lot of work in creating and testing everything, but if you don't like something, notice a grammar/spelling mistake, or find any glitches/bugs...
Please tell me!


'Let's Play'-video by mint301:
(contains spoilers! better watch it after you played the level ;))
part 1:
part 2:

It isn't meant to be too hard (still, it should be challenging enough)
but the main purpose of the levels is telling a story  :)
Please tell me what you think!  ;D

Download link:

v1.0 27-7-2011: Finished CH1, first release
v2.0 28-7-2011: Fixed some bugs in CH1 and finished CH2
v2.1 28-7-2011: Created a Chapter Selection screen at the start!
v3.0 29-7-2011: Finished CH3 and fixed even more bugs
v3.1 29-7-2011: Fixed the "The whole game crashes after saving the first guy"-bug!
v4.0 29-7-2011: Finished CH4! And fixed some more bugs as usual...
v4.1 30-7-2011: Fixed the RAE-bug, mentioned by TheoX
v5.0 31-7-2011: Finished the final chapter, everything is done now!
v5.1 31-7-2011: Fixed some bugs and made the last level a little harder by removing some checkpoints
v5.2 31-7-2011: Changed the number of warps in the warpwarp-level (chapter 2) to make it more fun
v5.3 23-8-2011: Fixed a lot of bugs and some language errors. Dinoquark and mint301: Thanks for finding them!
v5.4 24-8-2011: Added a version number on the level selection screen, so it's easier to check if you're up to date!