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At a distance / Cheated - Whoops!
June 08, 2012, 04:42:01 AM
Just finished playing At a Distance with my roommate. Loved it. Was surprised, mesmerized, and moved by the result of stringing the boxes together in a correct sequence.

Wanted to share one part of our experience, though, that I think didn't go as you intended: We didn't follow the set-up instructions very well and missed #8, hiding the networking GUI. Because of this, it didn't take us all long to figure out I could just type a command and send him any key I wanted. Because this was so easy to figure out (with the GUI showing), we assumed it was intentional. The same thing happened once we figured out the "prog,1" command. We just typed in "prog,2" and "prog,3" and off I went. It wasn't until I revisited the instructions after we'd quit that I discovered we should never have been able to see or type those commands to begin with.

As much as we loved it, our time was limited, and I don't think we would've taken the time to set up two more progressions, so it worked out well for our circumstances, but I thought you might like to know that accidental cheating can happen (if the instructions aren't followed, anyway).

And: Thanks, and keep up the phenomenal work!