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VVVVVV Levels / Re: VVVVVV Level Editor Tutorial - Part 1: The basics
« on: September 14, 2011, 02:23:37 pm »
HEY! I need help.

I'm working on a level where the difficulty is decided by a trinket... The enchanced testing program.

Anyway, here's the script.



So if you have less than 1 trinket, the warp is destroyed and you get an easy way...

now, destroywarp script is this:


... what am i doing wrong?

Updated with Riot of Jolan!


Technically, there IS a scripting tutorial already.


That arrow's in the wrong position.

You horrible person.

Let's get a divorce.  :-*

Uhhh, any idea on when the scripting tutotial's coming?  :(

VVVVVV Levels / Re: LEVVVVVVEL ARCHIVE (51 files, currently)
« on: August 08, 2011, 02:43:14 am »
Wow, those are a lot!

Thanks for going through the trouble to archive all of these.  :)

VVVVVV Levels / Re: "Blue's Adventure" by Franz24 [Complete]
« on: August 03, 2011, 05:30:49 am »
Alright, lemme review this level.

First off, I loved the story, it was absolutely great. 9/10 on it. Loved the twist!

Secondly, it was pretty difficult! 8/10 on the difficulty, I guess. B)

Third off, I loved the level design, absolutely awesome. 9/10 on it.

Room names were okay, eh. 7/10.

All in all, I'd give it a 8 out of 10.  :)

Fixed, thanks for the help.  ;)

VVVVVV Levels / Re: Riot on Jolan -> By Insani
« on: August 02, 2011, 01:50:52 pm »
Rating #017
Enjoyment: 7/10
Aesthetics: 5/10
Novelty: 6/10
Difficulty: 3/10 (10/10 for challenge #3)
Room Names: 8/10

This level was pretty interesting.  I liked the concept of the trinkets as "optional challenges", however I didn't not being able to go back.  I played the level once without any trinkets and it was pretty easy, then I played it again.  The first trinket was easy.  The second was easier, because the warp leads STRAIGHT TO THE TRINKET.  I'm guessing this was a mistake, 'cause it seemed really weird.  The last trinket is ridiculous and I'm not even going to keep attempting that.

I liked the room names, especially "WARP LINES, HOW DO THEY WORK?"  Miracles, my friend.  Thought "Experimental Possibilities" (was that the name?) looked a little odd cause the bottom was chopped off by the room name.

The level looked ok, design wise.  Nothing special.  I liked the cells at the beginning.  The fun in this level came from the amusing story.  You had Viridian swear!  :o

Status: Completed (minus one trinket)

Crap! Sorry, I... guess I messed up the rooms. I'll fix it tomorrow (it's late and movienight~)

Also, anyone who gets the 3rd trinket is a god of... VVVVVV.

Edit: Nevermind, fixed it now!

VVVVVV Levels / Riot on Jolan -> By Insani
« on: August 01, 2011, 06:47:33 am »
Here it is, my fourth level.  ;)

This one deals with escaping from a prison on Jolan. The main game is kind of easy, but it has 3 super hard bonus parts that give you trinkets.  ;D <- Download link

(NOTE: The brutality challenges get pretty hard, don't enter them unless you're ready for a challenge (you can't warp out until you're done)

This one is really fun. The story thing is great, and it really gave a sense of purpose to the whole thing. It's really short though, and really easy. I think I had like 30 something deaths on my first try, and most were from the one in your picture. Even the trinkets were pretty easy. I also expected a more climactic ending, instead of just some room. It's still really neat though, and well polished.

Yeah, I'm not very good at VVVVVV, actually, so most of my levels probably won't be 'extreme'. (It took me between 100-250 deaths to finish it, not sure.)

My next level will be a bit harder story-ways, but have a series of brutal challenges (rather simple challenges, but rows of them and no saves, the final one will probably be ~4 rooms tall and have only 1 save point at the beggining.)  :vermillion:


And about the story, yeah, I suppose it could have had a better ending. The next one will have a much better ending.  :D

Doesn't for me, I know that I'm supposed to click the button, but when it finishes counting down it takes me to an invalid page.

Ok cool!  No hurry, I'm totally satisfied with the amount of things I can do with the current editor.  I'm making a level now, and it's fun!

EDIT: dammit.  I actually need to shift all 8 screens I made over about two spots, because their connection overlaps the edge of the map, so if I expand or shrink the map in ANY direction it'll cut into/spread apart my rooms.  Blast.

Me too, I had to change the walk-in cave in Rescue on Polaris to a portal into the facility.  :(

Ive recorded the glitch it´s the whole wall.
Not just the side i jumped in...
So if you jump to the wall from left you also fly arrounr the whole galaxy  ;D

I hope i could help you ;)

Btw: sorry for the death´s and the laags but my pc isnt made to capture videos...   :'(

The download doesn't work for me. Can you take a screenshot of you, maybe you in the area and then you being in the glitcH?  :)

... If you jump from the 3´d trinket to the right you glitch to the room on the right bottom corner...

Another glitch on the room service tunnel if you jump on top of the uppest wall you stuck in it and switch between this and the upper room fast till you move to the right (head to the chekpoint)

These 2 are still in but the others are fixed ;)
you can add me on skype / gamersoul17 so i can show you where i mean the bugs are ;)

Really? I thought I fixed all of them...

Don't worry, I know what rooms you mean. I could swear I blocked off the glitches though. Let me check again.

Okay, I fixed one, It's kinda late, I'll fix the other tomorrow.  :-[

Okay, just fixed it. Couldn't find the other glitch you mentioned.  :(

Alright, thanks. I'll try to fix them as soon as I can.

About the manager's dialogue, I'm afraid I don't know how to make it happen only once.  :victoria:

And weird, I guess I never saw that because I died before I could go back down.  ::)

And oh, I had that problem with the rings killing me on checkpoint, but I thought I fixed that.



Okay, I fixed the glitches you told me about, except the manager one.

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