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Everything else / Watch Out Terry! >:D
September 09, 2011, 12:17:19 AM
I've almost got more posts than you. :vermillion:
VVVVVV / Need some Help with this little thing
September 08, 2011, 09:02:03 PM
I want to make a sequel to VVVVVV, but unfortunately, I have no skills whatsoever. I will be reading tutorials, though, so, yay! Since this branches from the main game, it's going to look a little similiar (I plan to use the same tileset, enemies, and players [provided that Terry doesn't care]), and I want it to have the same properties. Anyway, there's just a few things I need to know, but I have to ask one-by-one:

1. What program was used to make VVVVVV?
VVVVVV / Prize for the Reckless
September 05, 2011, 10:38:28 PM
Terry, seriously, how the hell do you get that trinket without dying - you HAVE to die to get it! :o
VVVVVV Levels / The Forest of Tears - a PJBottomz Level
September 04, 2011, 07:01:31 PM
Finally made a level, thanks to an idea given to me from my grandma. :D

Yes, there is scripting. Not a lot, though. It's just a small level is all. It's, like, 1x5. One trinket, one crewmate. Enjoy!
Everything else / Think it's silent enough?
September 04, 2011, 11:30:03 AM
Where the hell is everybody? :o Yesterday was the slowest day I've ever seen on the forum. Usually I have trouble keeping up with all the posts. Did you all just die or something?
VVVVVV / Quick Questions
September 03, 2011, 11:18:26 PM
Terry, is it possible to flip terminals upside down, like you can with checkpoints? It really makes game design hard without it. :'(
NO USING THIS IN YOUR LEVEL UNTIL I RELEASE MINE! I found it first, and under the VVVVVV Level Editor Creator clause, no one can use this until I have used it myself.

Thank you.

NOW, to the magic! :viridian:

Clicky Clicky ------->

What is this? While toying with enemy direction, I've created the illusion of a bouncing ring! I don't know why I put rotating the first time...

Anywayz, the trick is:

You have to have the enemies lined up like they're going to be in a wave, and then make every other enemy face up (or down, depending on which direction they started in). I think this is also possible left and right, but I haven't tried it.

Like I said, you can't use this since I found it first and I haven't used it.

Thank you!
This is just a short stoy I typed up for the heck of it! Enjoy. :)

It was an average space-filled day for the VVVVVV crew. Vitellary was hard at work in his lab, fiddling with some rare object Vermillion and Viridian had discovered on their most recent expedition. Violet sat in the control room, navigating the ship through the endless sea of black and stars. Verdigris was in his usual spot, constantly checking the jukebox to make sure it functioned properly.

And then, Victoria. She sat alone in the room containing all of the trinkets. She was, as usual, sad. She was lonely. Even though Verdigris, who was love-struck for Violet, tried to cheer her up multiple times, it wouldn’t fight the loneliness in her heart.

Since their visit to the strange dimension, where she ended up lost in the mysterious and weird lab, she couldn’t stop thinking about Vitellary. She had, for a long time, had a crush on him, and wanted so badly to simply explain her feelings to him, so that they could be happy. Together.

But, she was far too shy. Vitellary was outgoing. He was vibrant. She was nothing like him. It would be like cat and dog, minus the anger and fighting, adding the awkward silences and lack of topics to discuss.

I mean, sure, she was a doctor, and she knew some scientific stuff, but Vitellary was on a whole other level. She wouldn't fit the fight.

"Victoria." came Verdigris' voice. He came over and sat next to her. "I brought you some ice cream. I know you really like it."

She smiled. "Thanks Verdigris, I think that's just what I needed." She took the metal bowl and spoon and began eating the chocolate treat. It made her feel so much better. Verdigris sat beside her with a bowl of his own.

"So, are you still thinking about Vitellary?"

Victoria sighed. "Yes, I am."

"I don't see why you don't just go talk to him and just tell him that you like him." Verdigris persisted.

"Well, I know I should, but... I just don't have the courage to. It's... complicated..."

"Yeah, I know how you feel." Verdigris replied. "I get so nervous when Violet talks to me. It's like a punch in the stomach. I can't man up enough to say how much I like her..."

"No kidding..." Victoria sighed again. "Listen to us. We're so silly. We really need to be more professional."

"Hey now, just because we travel space doesn't mean we can't have feelings." Veridgris joked.

Victoria laughed. "Ah. I guess you're right..."

They turned as they heard footsteps approaching. Viridian was headed their direction, probably to go explore. He was reading something on a clipboard. He looked up and saw them. "Oh, hey guys. Whatcha doing?" he asked.

"Oh, nothing much. Talking. Eating ice cream." Victoria answered.

"You guys spend a lot of time together." Viridian came over and sat next to them. "Something on your minds?"

Victoria and Verdigris exchanged a glance. Viridian was the bravest captain of them all, but he tends to not pick up on things. "Well..." Victoria began, but Verdigris interrupted for her.

"Captain, do you remember that... thing I told you when you were in that weird zone?"

Viridian thought hard. Victoria felt kind of bad for him. He had memory problems. "I think... it was something about Violet?"

"Yeah... Well, see, I kinda like her."

"Oh yeah!" Viridian snapped his fingers. It was coming back to him. "But you really shouldn't bother Victoria with your troubles. She always loves fiddling with those trinkets."

"Well, I, uh..." Victoria blushed. "I kinda like some one too..."

"You do?" This shocked Viridian, and he's seen much more surprising stuff. "Is it Vermillion? Cause he's be talking about some--"

"No, it's not him." Victoria stated quickly. "It's... uh... Vitellary."

Viridian paused for a moment. "Oh..."

There was an awkward silence between the three of us. "Well... uh... I have to go... to a thing... in a place..." Viridian hopped up and shuffled off, dropping down the chute to the bottom floor of the ship.

Veridigris took their empty bowls and went back to the kitchen door that is hidden in the wall. "I'll be right back." he said.

Before Verdigris returned, Victoria heard some one land on the floor. She almost passed out when she saw Vitellary walking towards her. "Hey, Victoria, captain Viridian said you needed to speak with me?"

What? How could he? She thought. He is going to pay for that... "Uh, yeah..."

"Well, here I am. Whatcha need?" he asked. She found it hard not to feeling weak when he was staring at her, waiting for her answer.

She swallowed. Why do my legs feel like Jello? "Uh, yeah, I, uh... I... need... need... need a... aspirin." She blurted out.

"Oh, okay." He turned and walked back. "I'll bring it up in a few minutes." He jumped back down the chute.

When Victoria was sure he couldn't hear her, she curled into a ball and started crying. I am such an idiot! She screamed in her mind. I can't believe I had a chance to tell him, and I blew it! What is wrong with me?!

After a few minutes of sobbing erratically, she felt a pair of arms wrap around her. She looked up, expecting to see Violet, because Violet always hugs her when she cries, but instead found it was Verdigris. "You okay? What happened?" he asked. His eyes were full of sympathy and sorrow.

She took a breath to regain her composure, and then explained everything that happened. When she was done, she was crying once again. "I feel like such a moron." she sobbed.

Veridigris hugged her tighter and let her cry herself out on his shoulder. When she calmed down, he said, "You're not a moron. You're a nice girl, and if Vitellary knew that you liked him, he would be happy to date you. We all have an issue with telling the person we like that we do like them. It just takes time."

Victoria sniffled and looked at him. Verdigris was being truely sincere. She leaned her head against his shoulder and sighed. "I guess so... I just wish I had the confidence to admit to him that I like him... I feel horrible."

Verdigris rubbed the top of her head, which he did everytime she started to feel bad. For some reason, it always made her feel much better. "I get that feeling all the time when I'm around Violet. You'll get over it eventually."



She looked at him and smiled. "Thanks, Verdigris. You always know just what to say."

He smiled back. "Thanks."

They smiled at each other for a while, and then, she suddenly leaned up and kissed him.

It was instantanious, and it just happened. After a few seconds, she leaned back, looking terrified. "I-I'm so sorry! I don't know what came over me! I don't know what--"

Before she could finish that sentence, he leaned forward and kissed her again. After he stopped, he looked at her. "It's fine." he smiled and got up. "I've got to go back to fix the jukebox. Later." he walked off.

Victoria waited for a minute, confused and dazzled. He has such soft lips... She sighed contently. As she leaned back against the ledge behind her, she heard a loud clack. She turned her head.

She had knocked over a bottle of aspirin.

Comments? Feedback? Anything? :)
Everything else / WTH? New Smiley?
August 21, 2011, 06:30:23 PM

Was that intentionally left off of the list of usable smilies? How many ARE there that we can't use unless we know the code?
August 20, 2011, 06:41:30 PM
Just something I thought I'd throw together for fun.



1. You cannot have VVVVVV open while completing the quiz
2. You cannot look at other people's answers
3. You cannot reveal any correct answers to anyone
4. You cannot duplicate this without permission.
5. You cannot use search engines to look for answers.
6. You cannot use Q&A sites (Wikianswers, Yahoo! Answers, etc)
7. You cannot ask other VVVVVV players or Terry for the answers
8. You cannot use the almighty Trinket of Answers for help. Besides, I locked it in a cage... :vermillion:


All Twenty Answers Right = A Level made for you by PJBottomz
19-15 Answers Right = A Level Repair by PJBottomz (fixes broken scripts, bad-looking maps, and other stuff)
14-10 Answers Right = A Script Repair by PJBottomz
9-5 Answers Right = A Map Repair by PJBottomz
4-0 Answers Right = Honorable Mention

Basic Info Questions

1. Who is the captain of the ship?

a. :victoria:
b. :vitellary:
c. :viridian:
d. :vermillion:

2. Who are the two doctors?

a. :vitellary: and :victoria:
b. :viridian: and :violet:
c. :verdigris: and :vermillion:
d. :victoria: and :violet:

3. What is :verdigris:'s job?

a. Chief
b. Officer
c. Doctor
d. Professor

4. What is the name of the dimension that the crew is dropped into?

a. Dimension LLLLLL
c. No Signal
d. Dimension VVVVVV

5. Who is the first person you rescue, no matter what?

a. :victoria:
b. :vitellary:
c. :violet:
d. :vermillion:

Open Response/Memory Game

6. What is the name of the room you find :vitellary: in?

7. Who are the two people dropped into the space station?

8. :vermillion: is in what part of the level?
9. How many :shiny: are there, total?

10. What is the only room of the crew's ship that does NOT have a crew member in it?

Okay, lets crank it up!

11. :verdigris: confesses to :viridian: that he likes one of the crew members. Who is it?

12. If you rescue :vermillion: before these people, he will appear somewhere in the areas that the aformentioned people is trapped in. Who are this people?

13. If you have rescued :victoria: before this person, she will be concerned for aformentioned person. Who is that person?

14. What does :violet: say if you talk to her after rescuing :vitellary:?

15. Before :viridian: is teleported back onto the ship after the end of the game, some one says, "Any second now..." Who says it?

Can you truly answer these?

16. What does :viridian: tell :victoria: after they find the teleporter in the first intermission that makes her upset?

17. :verdigris: is shown in a VVVVVV screenshot fixing what on the ship?

18. In the second half of the space station level, there are two rooms that have rotated names. What are the names?

19. During the secret lab intermission, how does the crew break free from the sealed room they teleport into?

20. How long did :vermillion: say he was able to last on the Super Gravitron?

If you submit answers, I will PM you what you got. Good luck! :)
This is a map I've been working on for at least 2 weeks now. Currently, there's little scripting, so some it might seem easy. The reason that there's little scripting is because I'm waiting until the next patch for color text boxes, better destroy commands, and more, er, stuff. So, for now, it's just maps (although, in some places, there's scripts that are required to help you move along.)

Please submit feedback if you play it! I need to make this good.
VVVVVV Levels / Mirror rorriM - A PJBottomz Level
August 16, 2011, 04:09:46 PM
Weird name, huh? Well, it definetely gets weirder in the game.

Every room has it's own line of symetry, so it looks the same either way. It also applies to the name of the room.

Just, play the game and you'll see what I mean...

Change Log

Version 1.1
- Moved blocks down in "Be Sad," "Connect the Dots," and "Replay That."

Version 1.0
- Initial Release
VVVVVV / Pinning the Scripting Tutorial
August 15, 2011, 03:36:19 AM
I hope I don't come across as pushy (because pushy people suck and I hate being a hypocrite :-X) for this.

I think that my scripting tutorial level should be pinned, not because I want it to be viewed and crap, just because it's targeted at new/inexperienced people and I have to keep bumping it to keep it at the top. Trust me, it kinda sucks.

Again, this is just what I think. I don't believe it's necessary. And please, don't take this the wrong way. It's 11:30 pm and I'm fucking tired. :o
Please don't be mad at me, Terry.

This is a recreation the beginning of VVVVVV in the level editor of the game itself! It's not completely similar, but I feel that the likeness of the actual game is pretty damn close, if I do say so myself (and I sure do say so :vermillion:)

Anyway, hope you guys like it, and tell me if it works right and if there are any bugs.

An Explaination of Purple Text:

As seen in the Stalefish level (Rescuing Violet), there is a code he used to access internal VVVVVV scripts and make his colored text boxes. I used the same code. It actually worked out pretty  well, except for the posistion of the box, but whatever.

August 13, 2011, 01:44:56 AM
You know that script that Stalefish used to make colored textboxes? Well, that's not the ONLY thing it can do.

I was playing around with it and actually managed to change Viridian's color! I won't plan to make a level using this since it will (probably) be avalible in the next patch, but the code is kinda tricky. This is what I did to make Viridian turn into Victoria:

Oh no...

And although the color doesn't immediately change, it still happens. I recommend against using this script at all, because it can access VVVVVV's internal scripts, and that might not be the best idea...

Current List of Shit I've Been Able to do Using this Code:

Played as the entire crew
Created a companion (for some reason it only makes Vermillion)
Played as VVVVVV Man
So, a lot of people (and I mean a LOT) have been having some trouble with scripts that happen only once. After the script has finished, if you leave a room and re-enter it, cutscene lines appear and stay until you enter another script.

This is a problem because it blocks out a large portion of the screen, including the room name.

Well, I recently was toying 'round with it and found out a way to avoid it.


You'll need four scripts to do this. For example:


You don't have to use those names, you can use your own, athough initialflags and initialflagsset are good names to use


Now, the tutorial. The first script ("initialflags") will set up the flags needed to excute the script. The second script ("initialflagsset") will prevent the flags from being reset if you enter the script box. The third script ("beginning") is the one placed on the actual map. The fourth script ("beginningstart") does NOT have to be on the map. To do this, simply set up the code and delete the script box/terminal on the map. This will keep the code there.


In "initialflags", it should something like this:


The reason that Flag1 is set at the end of the script is because it will activate "initialflagsset".

Now, for "initialflagsset", I simply left it blank, but you can add commands to it. It won't matter.


The script "beginning" should look like this:


If you've done the last two steps correctly, it should go directly to "beginningstart", which is the actual code itself, when you walk in the scriptbox or talk to the terminal.

And finally, "beginningstart" is the script itself:

I was tired of listening to you.
So I left

What? That doesn't make sense...


Flag2 is turned off at the end because it'll prevent the script from playing again. For whatever reason, using this method, I was able to have the script execute only once and the dialouge lines wouldn't appear if I stepped into that scriptbox again.

A level I've seen that uses this method is "Reactor Disaster".


Now, many might think that an "initialflags" and "initialflagsset" script has to be created for each script you do. But it doesn't.

"initialflags" sets all of the flags that are executed in the regular scripts. I recommend making "intialflags" and "initialflagsset" after you've made all the basic scripts. For example, if you use flags 2-9, "initialflags" will look like this:



Well, hope this was helpful!  :viridian:
VVVVVV Levels / The Ship 2 - A PJBottomz Level
August 11, 2011, 09:55:02 PM
I know I'm supposed to be working on/finished with The Lab 2, but I feel that Ship needed attention.

Enjoy!  :viridian:
VVVVVV / Editing VVVVVV's Sprites?
August 09, 2011, 01:07:27 AM
Is there any way to edit VVVVVV's sprites? I attempted to edit them in paint, but it says my access was denied. I was going to turn the squares into fish. :'(
VVVVVV Levels / Inversion Plane - A PJBottomz Level
August 07, 2011, 01:46:34 AM
(This level is not recommended for people with short-tempers...)

A small 5x5 level I threw together, just cause I had to make something. This is a little difficult. It takes the idea of using a vertical warp, and amplifies it. This takes a little bit of memory and concetration, and lots of patience.

EDIT: No longer can you win by simply holding right. I've tested this, and while you can skip some, there's no easy way.
VVVVVV / The Elephant Secret... Revealed!
August 06, 2011, 10:38:35 PM
I poked around a little bit and found a Wikipedia Article on VVVVVV. And inside, I found this little snippet:

QuoteThe visual style of VVVVVV is heavily inspired by games released for the Commodore 64 8-bit computer from the 1980s, especially Jet Set Willy which is referenced by the giant elephant...

Now, this is just a joke! The reason as to why Viridian's crew would have a giant elephant stored on their ship is beyond me.