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October 05, 2011, 05:25:37 AM
Did anyone else come up with some crazy ideas as to why the game was called VVVVVV when they first started playing it?  My first thought was that it was named after the rampant spikes throughout the game.  The Vs look just like a strip of spikes that Viridian's head became very familiar with in The Tower.  :D 

When I was all smug and thought I had it figured out because of this, I asked my friend why he thought it was named VVVVVV.  He came up with something completely different.  :O  He thought that the VVVVVV looked like \ / \ / \ / as a recurring up and down pattern, just like how the game mechanics have you flip gravity for the entire game.  That was actually quite a clever realistic guess as well. 

About a year later, I woke up one morning and shouted I GOT IT!  VIRIDIAN... VITELLARY... VERDIGRIS... VERMILLION... VIOLET... VICTORIA... their names all start with a V!  And there's 6 of them.  GAHHH, DUH! 

The fact that the soundtrack is called PPPPPP and all the songs start with P kind of verifies this latest epiphany... but I'm curious if the idea I originally had and the idea of my friend also might have some truth to it as well... and if anyone else thought these up too.  XD