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VVVVVV Levels / Strange Dreams
April 23, 2013, 07:26:33 PM
Strange Dreams
A series of VVVVVV levels by aLaserShark

S01 - E01
In which viridian has a very strange dream.

More pictures:Click.

  • Size: 5x5
  • Rooms: 25
  • Difficulty: Easy to Medium
  • Difficulty curve: 15o
  • Missing crewmembers: :vermillion:

  • 1.0: Initial Release. Complete.
  • 1.1: Fixed all the problems pointed out by nicholashin (extra wall tiles, etc).

S01 - E02
In which Viridan awakens to find his crewmates stowed away in corners of an oddly assorted dimension.
No images yet. Beta download below. 1 area out

  • Size: 20x20
  • Rooms: Unknown (I might not use all 400)
  • Difficulty: Medium-High
  • Difficulty curve: 45o
  • Missing crewmembers: We don't use crewmembers as currency, we just have "Area Complete" terminals. There are 16 of these, along with 4 final levels (only done after all the other levels are complete). Then, there's a secret area with a few hints as to the nature of viridian's pocket dimension...

  • Beta 1: Initial download. One area is almost complete. (I actually completed it but apparently the \ key crashed the game...and i forgot to save)
  • Beta 2: Completed area 1. Started and completed area 2. Started area 3 (about 15% done).
Yeah but the steam version isn't at 2.1 at all. The version in the steam repositories or whatever appears to be 2.0. I suppose I could download it from the humble bundle website, is that at 2.1?

Edit: The file from humble bundle says "2.01", I'm going to cross my fingers that it is, in fact, vvvvvv 2.1

Edit edit: Nope. But it does give a pretty awesome ASCII  :viridian: whenever i start it, so that's a plus. I guess.
I've only got VVVVVV 2.0 on my linux machine, not 2.1 (via steam). No idea why. Tried downloading the beta patch, got a few missing libraries.

Before anyone asks:

A) Yes, it's definitely 2.0. Version in the bottom-right corner says so. Version in the corner never lies.
B) I do sort of need VVVVVV 2.1, i'm doing a lot of level editing and maps would be really appreciated
C) The beta patch says i'm missing a few libraries...Will download if necessary though
D) Distro is crunchbang. Yes, steam isn't *officially* compatible with crunchbang but it's a debian based distro like ubuntu is so you can go deal with it

If I do manage to get 2.1 through any means I plan on releasing a few maps soon...not sure about the community though. It seems a little dead. :P