Kongregate Version 1.2

Started by Zerdamia, June 06, 2012, 05:52:41 PM

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The Kongregate Version of VVVVVV is still 1.2. Did this version get an upgrade to version 2.1 too or is the kongregate version done?


The Kongregate version is just a demo - it wouldn't benefit from any of the changes in 2.0 onwards.


The Demo Version can be upgraded to a full Version. The Full Version of VVVVVV on kongregate is the version 1.2.


HereĀ“s a picture from the titlescreen of the kongregate full version.


The version 1.2 that I have has more options in the main menu... ??? :vitellary:


I have the full version on Kong too for a number of reasons.

* to support Terry (my 2.x was gifted to me by a friend)
* to be able to play VVVVVV in the school

Anyway, there's no "quit" button for obvious reasons -- if you want to quit, just close the window!
There's no seperation between graphic options/game options as there's simply nothing to customize in terms of graphics. You can't resize the window on Kongregate* - let alone doing it fullscreen. And no, there will not be 2.x for Kongregate due to 2.x being C++ and not flash (you simply can't embed native apps in a browser)

* As I use Opera, I like to change the source locally to make the window 1920x1080 instead of 640x480, and then place the screen so that the VVVVVV window will be all over it, to simulate fullscreen :D


Okay, i understand. Thanks for the answers, thread can be closed. :)