Super Hexagon

Started by FIQ, July 03, 2012, 10:24:34 PM

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I've followed this project with much interest, I love these kinds of games. :)

I played the original for a while, and this is just so much better.

I was concerned about it having a price however. Not that I don't want to pay Terry - I would gladly do it, but it felt a bit wrong for this game.. Maybe it's just me, and it isn't really my game. :P

What do you other people think about the look ofSuper Hexagon?


It´s not the look, which makes a game great, it´s the gameplay. And even the original is better and more addictive, than many expensive games. In my opinion, Super Hexagon is totally worth a price, if it´s ready.

Btw. on the first look, a price for VVVVVV felt a bit wrong too. After playing it, it felt like more.  :)


If you don't think it's worth any money, then just don't buy it. Plenty of other free games out there.


Free trial, terry. You get the whole Hexagon for free, so give Super Hexagon a free trial up until level 3 or something.


Hexagon is the demo for Super Hexagon.


@ Terry: Will there be music from Chipzel in Super Hexagon? I loved the music in the original and bought the album from Chipzel after playing Hexagon.


i would like to play this!