Super Hexagon Scores?

Started by Hilbert, September 08, 2012, 07:24:25 PM

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Hexagonest: 153 sec!
Hyper hexagonest: 104 sec
Hyper hexagoner: 189:52 sec


Yes yes yes!
138:02 on Hyper Hexagonest!


Just you wait until the PC version is released. My right thumb is currently, well, unusable.  :victoria:




Since my PC is broken, the only game i've been playing is Super Hexagon, and i'm improving a lot!
Going for 240s now :)

p.s: Eat this pasch!!!


Ok, these are my scores right now (4/6 of the scores remained unchanged, and the old post was too old to edit):

My scores on my iPod:

Hexagon: 139:01 202:13 :o
Hexagoner: 187:28 :o
Hexagonest: 80:58
Hyper Hexagon: 62:06 65:26
Hyper Hexagoner: 72:48
Hyper Hexagonest: 48:18 51:48 58:03 68:57 ;D

Game Center:
Hexagon: #195 (upper 5%)
Hexagoner: #65 (upper 5%)
Hexagonest: #223 (upper 5%)
Hyper Hexagon: #1496 (upper 10%)
Hyper Hexagoner: #877 (upper 10%)
Hyper Hexagonest: #277 (upper 15%)

I don't know how I managed to get from 121:44 straight to 187:28 on Hexagoner! :o
EDIT: Hah! 202:13 on Hexagon! (And I went straight from place 610 to place 181!) :vermillion:

My scores on my computer:

Hexagon: 87:38 105:24 112:43 144:14
Hexagoner: 75:09 80:52 93:06 100:56 110:09 125:43 155:35
Hexagonest: 61:14 64:59
Hyper Hexagon: 42:39 66:09 94:51
Hyper Hexagoner: 113:26 :o
Hyper Hexagonest: 15:33 18:43 32:53 42:33 55:38 >:D 57:03 >:D >:D 58:23 >:D >:D >:D 67:12 :D 75:52 ;D

Hexagon: #63
Hexagoner: #28
Hexagonest: #??
Hyper Hexagon: #60
Hyper Hexagoner: #38
Hyper Hexagonest: #30



Hi everyone,

Here is an update on my scores:

Hexagon: 365:37 (now #12)
Hexagoner: 278:12 (now #4)
Hexagonest: 217:49 (now #4)
Hyper Hexagon: 313:12 (now #7)
Hyper Hexagoner: 222:27 (now #7)
Hyper Hexagonest: 273:37 (now #4)  ;D ;D ;D (a few minutes ago)

And obviously, the first at Hyper Hexagonest is a cheater.


Well, I was just #10, but I didn't take a screenshot of that.


Don't think it will last long...


55:38 on Hyper Hexagonest... I'm... Almost... There...! >:D

EDIT: Now it's 57:03. >:D >:D I heard 'Excellent' and I started freaking out :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X

EDIT 2: WHY?!!!? >:D >:D >:D 58:23!!! >:( >:( >:(


It took me 47 min to beat the pc version. Good or bad?


Quote from: Dav999 on November 28, 2012, 05:36:30 PM
55:38 on Hyper Hexagonest... I'm... Almost... There...! >:D

EDIT: Now it's 57:03. >:D >:D I heard 'Excellent' and I started freaking out :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X

EDIT 2: WHY?!!!? >:D >:D >:D 58:23!!! >:( >:( >:(
Funny how a minor concentration break like that can screw you over in a game made up of psychedelic flashing polygons :P

Just bought it - only beat Hexagon so far, but this game is brilliant! Will play it a lot  :viridian:


SWEET VICTORY!!!!! :D, I really felt my heart pounding at that moment! :o

Anyway, 67:12 for Hyper Hexagonest. :viridian:

EDIT: 75:52 now! I even beat Terry!


I have a new record on my iPod for Hyper Hexagonest: 58:03. Almost there for the second time... :vermillion:


Yes! Now I did it on my iPod too! ;D Because I was thinking about something else! I got 'new record' at 58 seconds and I realized that I was beating it at 59 seconds. If my old record was 5 seconds shorter, then I would have started pressing directions randomly.

I think that in general, a lot of the deaths in Hyper Hexagonest between 45:00 and 59:59 must have been caused by 'OMG I'M NEARLY THERE OMG OMG LEFT RIGHT LEFT OMG... Game over.'

I sometimes notice I've gotten far when I hear the part of the music which you hear only if you've survived for 40 seconds... Then I start paying attention to the time and I can start all over again.