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Started by PyNe, September 25, 2012, 07:45:04 AM

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Hello everyone, I'd like to address some issues i'm having with the iPad 1, I don't know about other apple devices because i only own an 3 years old iPad  :victoria:

Ok so here's the list:

Sometimes on Hyper Hexagon it  freezes right after the woman says "game over" but the music keeps on playing, and you have to restart the game in order to fix it
I have been experiencing some lag that starts idontknowwhen because idontknowwhy, but I'm trying to figure out, and will post here if I can find the reason.
EDIT: It seems that restarting the game can fix the lag! Still not sure why it starts, though.
EDIT2: I think i found out why the lag starts. If you minimize the game and go do other things on your iPad, if you dont close the game, it will lag when you come back (still testing to be sure)
EDIT3: I found out another bug: yesterday the lights went off so there was no wifi and everytime I opened the game it tried to load game center and then crashed. (In the time i was dumb enough to forget there was no wifi, so i thought reinstalling the game would fix it, but after uninstalling it i realized there was no way i could download it back :D. Also a tip for everyone: don't uninstall the game, even if you press "keep gamecenter scores" you will lose all your high scores!!

Does anyone have any of those problems on different devices? Or maybe its only happening on the iPad 1? Or even, maybe it's only happening to me?  :victoria:

Also, I'd like to see this on pc or android soon, I'm so pissed because I was breaking my record on Hexagoner, was doing my best play scoring over 50:00, trying really hard to unlock Hyper Hexagoner, but then Zynga Poker message showed up saying "come play poker" so I pressed cancel and died  :violet: damn you ios!


Well, let's break the silence :-\

Which version of iOS do you have?


Hello dav, thanks for replying. I'm using iOs  4.0. What version of ios do you have and have you experienced any of the problems I have mentioned above??
EDIT: I just read on your other thread "black screen" that your iOs version is 5.1.1. Still, do you have any of the problems?


Most of the time I only have a bit of lag (frame rate issues) when game center is about to say 'welcome back', but sometimes (not many times) I notice it while playing a game, and sometimes it kills me :victoria: After that it goes away. For some reason I think your lag is worse, though.

Maybe it's worth updating to iOS 5?


I use an iOS 6 and it's a bit laggy, and it often kills me too :-X but I don't care because it is an awesome game. ;)