Stereodimensional (v1.3)

Started by allison, October 13, 2012, 10:57:25 PM

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The Polar Dimension concept has been well recorded after the VVVVVV Incident. But it's never been quite like this...

Version 1.3

  • After 9 years, the typo in the level title has been fixed!
  • Updated name credit
  • The map screen has been disabled
  • Vitellary's text is yellow now instead of gray
  • Fixed a few typos in the level text
Version 1.2

  • Fixed scripting bug if you try to get Level 1 security clearance when you already have it
  • Made the ship look slightly more interesting
  • Made the intro cutscene longer
Version 1.1

  • Added terminal at the bottom of "You Shall Not Pass"
  • Nerfed "What Does This Button Do?"
  • Added a more detailed description
Version 1.0

  • Initial release


Sounds interesting enough, I think I'm gonna give this a try, recorded so you can see my impressions as I play if you don't mind.



And here we are, my thoughts on the game as I play it:

Didn't take too much time to play though it so not too long for editing thankfully  :viridian:

If you wanna check out the other stuff I offer on my channel check out it out:


That's not bad. There's a small scripting error; there's an extra "say (1)" in the l1notconfirmed script. It ends up displaying "l1confirmed:" on the screen. Also, you should fix the spelling; it makes it look more professional.


hey all! now that 2.3's fully out, i've decided to go back and do some small updates for all my levels! so i started at the beginning, with stereodimensional, the first level i ever made. (or is it "steriodimensional"? well, not anymore!)

this is a silly little level i made when i was literally 12 years old and revisiting it has been pretty surreal. the level design is simplistic but the dialogue is... charming? i feel like you can chart cultural trends in vvvvvv levels over time, and i would say this level absolutely radiates early dware energy. this weird little level got 508 downloads! this says very little about how relatively popular stereodimensional was and a whole lot about how active dware was.

i might not do my most recent levels, but everything else will get updates over the coming days, so stay tuned for that!