Proposed Gamemode - The Hexagon Challenge

Started by ThePaSch, November 10, 2012, 07:44:29 PM

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I feel like this game, being very competitive in its nature, needs to have something like the No Death Mode VVVVVV had.
So here what I've been thinking: The Hexagon Challenge.
Basically, it's a complete run of all six gamemodes with more and more increasing difficulty. You start out at Hexagon, let's call it the Point stage, and your goal is to survive 60 seconds. Then, the game congratulates you and sends you to the Line stage, Hexagoner, where you have to survive for 120 seconds. Note that it'll be Hexagoner for the full 120 seconds, so the change to Hyper Hexagoner after 60 does not occur.
Next on the docket is the Triangle stage, Hexagonest, with a required survival time of 180 seconds. And so on.
The ultimate challenge, of course, would be the Hexagon stage, as it would require the player to survive for 360 seconds, six minutes, on Hyper Hexagonest. And whoever beats that stage gets direct access to The Final Hexagon (come on! :viridian:).

EDIT: Oh, and every time you die, you have to start over from Point, of course. Just like No Death Mode.  :vermillion:

So, what do you think?


Please note, completion time would be 21 minutes, that would beat the hacker on gamecenter. It's that hard.


21 minutes.

21 minutes.

Only 21 minutes?!

So 21 minutes is all it takes? You want to give people direct access to The Final Hexagon just by playing this for only 21 minutes nonstop? Is that everything? Not harder? 8) The only thing you need to do for that is being addicted for several years! :vitellary:


I thought Terry said that he wasn't going to update the game to include new game modes.

Oh, how would you call the difficulty, 'hardestestestest', or 'impossible', maybe even '不可能'? :P