Help With One Small Thing

Started by FunkyDarkKnight, December 30, 2012, 06:21:40 PM

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I think he's saying right, right, hold right. That works.

I actually hold right, right right.
no, then it's L-- L L

Not L- L L L? ???

... :-X I'm confused.

Because the normal way to do it is RRLLL, if you only use Ls, the last three are the same so you get leeeft left left left instead of leeeeeeft left left.

And I'm confused too!


Of course don't commit to the RRLLL once you hit the Final that point, its always RR but then its RRR or LLL. You have to use your eyes and look for that space in the half second it takes you to do the first to RR's, then send that signal from your eyes to your brain and back to your hands. Insane.


Finally beat it, thanks again for the help dude!