Arcade mode bugs

Started by FIQ, February 01, 2013, 09:43:29 PM

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Just pointing out, arcade mode highscore entering is quite buggy.
First, under Wine the letters get stuck all the time, however this seems to be Wine exclusive (it didn't do that under Windows), so that doesn't really count. However if you find a way to solve it, it would be cool (allthough Super Hexagon will probably be out for Linux once steam gets out of beta).

Now to the stuff which happened on Windows too..

* Pressing W let's you "escape" from the entering of name and back to the game. The next time you lose, you'll once again be prompted to enter highscore. If you manage to get a new score in the new run, the old score will be there under the name you left it.
* If you press escape during highscore entering and enter a new level, you'll still be in the "enter highscore" prompt. If you enter the score, it will be saved to the old level as expected (but it shouldn't allow you to leave this name entering really). However, if you under this case press W to "escape" from the name entering to this NEW level, once you lose you'll edit THIS level's Nth place's name (where N = where you placed on the OLD one). This allows you to do funny stuff like replacing the name Hexagon in Hyper Hexagonest by your own name (while keeping the 60s that it had) without really beating it. :P