Super Hexagon Update?

Started by MegaBrutal, March 08, 2013, 02:21:42 AM

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Today Steam pulled an update for Super Hexagon - since for a while Steam doesn't show technical update news, I have no information what change has been made... Also, maybe only the Steam for Linux version was affected - I don't remember seeing the Windows Steam to fetch an update...

Any ideas? Maybe it's a bugfix?

At first, I thought that the change is that now I don't see my actual state (Point, Line, Triangle, etc.) at the upper left corner, instead I see my best time... however, I noticed I still see my state on levels I haven't completed yet, so I guess that only seeing the best time on levels I've already passed is normal - I mean, I guess it has always been that way and no change has been made there.


The update fixed the music start location issue. Previously they were set incorrectly under the Linux build.


And how do you know that? :o You found a changelog or something or noticed the difference yourself?