Super Hexagon and neurology?

Started by MegaBrutal, March 22, 2013, 03:09:00 AM

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I have a theory, though I don't have anything to actually back it up. I think Super Hexagon helps to develop one's nervous system, since it requires fast reaction and precision. I'm a particularly slow and clumsy guy, and actually it feels great that - with practice - I could pass the levels regardless (though I still haven't passed Hyper Hexagonest yet, but I have all the others). I didn't even believe that I am physically able to complete this game.

Is it possible that Super Hexagon may help those with certain kinds of neurological disorders? I'm not sure, since I'm not a neurologist or anything... Do you have any information on that?

Though I don't have any diagnosed neurological disorder or anything; but I'm really known as slow, clumsy, with bad reaction time - sure I'm worse than average. Not sure if Super Hexagon helped me with that - I don't really know how could I test it. So far it's just a theory.

But anyway, the bottom line is that if it turned out that Super Hexagon has a curative effect, that would be pretty much cool! Maybe it could be used as therapy! Though I'm sure it's not the first game that could be used for that purpose.


I Sucked at life. untill i played super hexagon. so i think this is true! :viridian:


My doctor says it helps you react to things quicker.