No Xbox Controller. What kind of input devices are supported?

Started by kwtwo, May 08, 2013, 08:59:35 AM

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still planing to give this try on the weekend and very much looking forward to it.
now it seems it is rather complicated to connect xbox wireless controller to usb on a computer, so we have no controller. is keyboard and usb mouse supported? will even keyboard and touchpad be fine? a hint would be nice so we can organize what we need beforehand. Thanks a lot in advance :)


Since there is no info on the page i can add my experience now after having completed the game with a friend:

Xbox controller still seems preferrable but do not invest too much effort or money in getting them. If you have a keybord & mouse option it is also fine. we even played it on laptop touchpads and it was okay - not very comfortable but easily playable and enjoyable.