VVVVVV Nintendo DS version/remake/tribute

Started by nathanel, February 04, 2010, 11:25:41 AM

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Look what I've found!


Terry, I think it's official. You've spawned a new subgenre: a flipping retro-style platformer! ;D

Unfortunatelly, I could not find any more info on this version. :( But maybe only because it's still work in progress and more info will be revealed later. It'd be cool if he named it NNNNNN (for Nintendo) or something, to keep up with VVVV's and YYYYYY's naming scheme. Then we could actually call the subgenre a 'flipping retro-style cool-iterative-named platformer' ;)

BTW I must say that both this and VVVV are nothing compared to the original VVVVVV in level design.

BTW2 It's funny how that guy sucks at his own game =)


I was planning to make a thread this evening but you beat me at it :)

I'm the one making this game and I wanted to talk about it to terry before making any topic ;)
Now that I have his go on this project, I will show a new video demonstrating what's done in the game.

I started this nintendo DS version of VVVVVV 2 weeks ago and so far I have something like 35 maps created.
It will feature an ingame level-editor

And I'm sucking at it because collisions with spikes are approximate ^^


Oh, sorry to spoil your pleasure of good-news-delivering. ;] Didn't mean to. It's quite an impressive feat, what you have achieved in only 2 weeks.



Hey !

Here is a new video I just made.
Still playing like crap because of the emulator  :victoria:
But better than nothing ^^
Enjoy :)


Quick description from youtube :
QuoteHi there

Here is a second video of my remake of the great VVVVVV.
It features every blocs I coded for the moment : bouncing lines, spikes, platforms, speeding floor, quicksand ...
You will also find checkpoints, bonuses and warp rooms (the one that when you leave the screen on one side you appear on the other side)

Enjoy :)

Release date : when it's done =D


1) Ok, I'm sorry for that earlier remark on level design, some ideas included there are great!
2) I totally love this tune, though I think I would kill myself if I would have to listen to such a short piece looping for 2 hours =)
3) LOL at DTTHW!
4) Does the protagonist and checkpoints depict anything reasonable? =)


The protagonist looks like a thin yellow star and the checkpoints just look like a stone you activate when passing by :)

DDTHW was just mapped to test the engine ;)


Hmm... I can't wait to play it.
I may have to get a chip for my DS just so I can download it and actually, properly play it on my DS. =D


Sorry to reawaken an old thread but what ever happened to this.  I was really looking forward to it.


The project is not dead, I'm just trying to find some time to continue to make it ;)

I added some new features not present in the original game since last time :
- walls you can break with stylus
- rooms with light only around the character
- some sort of weapons stuck in walls that shoot projectile on you
- slippery floor (like ice)

I also included a map on the top screen while playing. It shows where you are at the moment and where trinkets you didn't catch are.

A level editor is included in the game so that you can create maps, and even campaigns.
An auto build system allows you not to worry about which kind of block you have to put (floor, ceiling, left wall, right wall ...) : it automatically computes which wall is needed at the emplacement requested.
Also, when you create a new map, you tell the editor where it will be in the campaign (let's say 3-4) and it will import the 4 external walls from surrounding maps so that you are sure that the connection between them is right.

I don't have any release date, since it's based on how much free time I can get to make the game.

Maybe I'll post a demo some days :)


Cool. =)
I'll have to get me one of those fancy DS chips so I can get it on my DSi.



Here is a new video of this remake  :viridian:

You can see in action the "follow me" system when a character wants you to help him and decides to follow you.
I still don't know when I'll release the game. As I said before, I work on it when I have free time.

Cya :)