Vii Remote

Started by Whirligig, December 05, 2010, 07:52:36 PM

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Well, here's something I bet nobody has tried before: Using an application called DarwiinRemote, I'm controlling my Mac using a Wii Remote. It's hard to type with the onscreen keyboard, though.

There, now I'm using the laptop keyboard. Much better.

Anyway, so I've been playing VVVVVV with a Wii Remote and a huge TV. It's pretty awesome. :viridian: I even got a V rank on Space Station 1 with it!

So if you're complaining about no Wii version, get Bluetooth support and a Wii Remote keystroke emulation program. It might cost less overall than getting a Wii version of the game. Heck, it might cost nothing. :P

Damn It AL to Hell

How you do this intrigues me.... are you Scottish?  :-\


I use the Wii Classic Controller for damn near everything 2D these days on the PC and Wii.

Funny enough, the only thing I DON'T use it for are 2D games by Nintendo themselves, because they always shoehorn in their crappy motion controls and force me to use the sideways Wiimote which has overall poorer ergonomics, and the function that the motion controls serve could always be done by a single button more precisely. (First world problems.)