Double Death Dungeon

Started by Zane, August 16, 2014, 08:37:14 PM

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Hey everybody,

Double death dungeon is now complete and ready for you to play and I hope you give me some good feedback. Tell me if you find any glitches, and please forgive me if you find any. I hope you like it.



Nice work, Zane! I love the new concepts and the fact that there is more gameplay.

Story : 5/10 I didn't see a plot
Design : 8/10 Nice concepts
Difficulty : 5/10 Not hard, Not easy, nice balance
Length : 9/10 Perfect length I don't have to stay up all night and such.

moth 🦋

Whoaaaaaa... I love it!
Good Job!

shape worrior t

Awesome! ;D
There are a few places where glitching is possible. For example, Room II has the entrance from cuteompr uvris where you could get stuck in the wall if you flip at the start.
I love the room names. You're sad that my cat doesn't like you :vermillion: :victoria: :violet: >:( :( XD
freezing robo-shurikens, cool :viridian:
Here's a version that fixes the glitches: